Why I tend to wander off…

I’ve mentioned before that I don’t tend to go to big Linden-run events, or to other huge events like the Hair Fair. Part of it is my impatience with lag, and the feeble video on this aging laptop. But another part of the problem is that somehow I often just don’t Get It.

I stopped briefly by the Land Expo, landed at the landing points, waited (and waited and waited and waited) for things to rez, read a few signs which were breathlessly enthusiastic about… things related to land, I guess, wandered about a bit, and then left. I guess really one was supposed to attend Scheduled Events, but I’m never organized enough to make it to many of those.

I pretty much ignored the SL Fifth Birthday stuff, but a couple of friends have builds in the Sixth one (SL6B!), that I’ve been helping with some scripts and beta testing, so I’ve been wandering around there a bit. This morning I TPd over at random, took a random teleport from the arrival area, and found myself at the Second Life Time Capsule. Sounds cool!

So there’s this sign about how in June of 2003 various Residents put their most treasured possessions and journal entries into this capsule for future Residents to see, and how now the capsule has arrived here for us all to enjoy. Great stuff! So I walk over and there’s this capsule, and it’s sitting there, and it’s a capsule and… it doesn’t do anything at all. I go into Edit on it, and see that it has all sorts of interesting stuff in its contents, but it doesn’t respond to touch…

Cool!  Now what?

… or to being sat on, or otherwise offer me any access to any of the stuff it holds.

So I have no idea and I wander off. Later on I happen to run into Phaylen Fairchild, who is big in SL6B, and I ask her about it, and she says oh yeah all those things in Contents are going to be on display tomorrow afternoon.

Okayyyyyy… :)

They might have mentioned that somewhere. Maybe they did and I missed it. Or maybe everyone but me just intuits better.

I ran into Phaylen, btw, at an intense live guitar performance at the Synchronicity Auditorium on the SL6B grounds.

Johnny99 Gumshoe and his flamin' guitar

Now this, I understand…

4 Responses

  1. Hiya Dale, I’m very similar in the fact I tend to avoid the big events. For me though, it’s more a question of belonging – I’m not really that comfortable wandering around places with lots of people I don’t know (I generally hate parties in SL & RL) so I avoid Fairs and Events like the plague. I did briefly visit the RFL exhibition in 07 and SLB4, but only very briefly as back then a weak laptop hindered my involvement anyway. I trawled a little in Burning Life last year but only because Nish had a (HUGE) build there and I really wanted to see it – the thought of just wandering around endless builds looking for a gem doesn’t excite me too much and I don’t have the time in-world to devote to it.

    I don’t tend to go to music events either as music isn’t my thing. I wonder if anyone has set up a cartoon or silent film theatre in SL – I’d love to go there and watch, laugh and discuss with other folk.

    I do like going to silly things like shows (that’s how I found myself in TSMGO after visiting it lots in 07) or events where the people are friendly and welcoming (art launches seem to be great for that – the opposite of how they are in RL I find).

    Am I waffling? Probably.

  2. Inneresting! I’m very much like that in RL; mostly like being around my closest friends, not all that comfortable with strangers. People that I don’t know have a hard time understanding me (both because I talk to fast and indistinctly, and because I say weird things), and I don’t understand them all that well (both because I’m lousy at understanding speech in noisy environments, and because they often talking about something I’m clueless about like sports or TV or something).

    But in SL I’m much more outgoing! I love TPing or flying to random places and dropping in on random (public) groups of strangers just to see what happens. Or following interesting people’s Picks to new clubs or fishing spots or art galleries or whatever. I think it’s partly because in text chat and IM all the “I can’t understand your voice” stuff goes away on both sides, and because SL is SL for whatever reason the subjects tend to be much more interesting.

    At the concert pictured above, for instance, I ended up having a relatively long conversation in IM and local chat with a funny and friendly Portuguese mentor, with some help from Google Translate on both sides. Something I can’t imagine even attempting in RL!

  3. So yeah I’m waffling, too. :) Like you, wandering endless (and potentially laggy) builds for no particular reason isn’t all that interesting; but talking to welcoming and friendly people is!

    • Yeah, it is – it’s how I found my friends Osprey & Enjah – dropping into Osprey’s photo gallery for an awards ceremony and just talking. 6 months later I’m getting ready to star in the show they produce. 12 months later I’m writing sketches and acts for it. 2 years later I can’t imagine my second life without them and all the wonderful things they’ve enabled me to do. :-D

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