Posting a weblog entry for no particular reason (well, and I’m waiting for someone to answer a piece of email at work).

Boy Dale in Stereo:
Boy Dale in Stereo

Inspired by Lillie, but mine doesn’t seem to have worked as well. Which maybe isn’t surprising considering that I did it all by hand and pretty haphazardly. :) But perhaps my poor effort will inspire others. And maybe I’ll try again sometime!

(Original (larger) size may work better for some people. Or worse. :) )

Drop me a line or leave a comment or something (or don’t!), if you make one of these yourself. Or if you want me to explain the dead-simple method I used to create this one.

My very own posting at Second Thoughts!

Explaining what a [expletive] I am, not to mention an [expletive] [expletive]. I haven’t been putting much in here about the ongoing Prokofy Neva drama, ’cause I feel y’all might not be all that fascinated. But Prokofy is like the one person in SL (in the world?) that I know of who really dislikes me, and it’s really hard for me not to try to fix that. The fact that I have no idea how it might be fixed apparently does not deter me!

The Rogue Nation of Enormous Frogs!

Followed a link to NationStates while catching up on the rest of Second Thoughts, and created my very own country! So far it’s a libertarian loony-bin. I should create a socialist loony-bin also; are you allowed to have two countries? (I note with some fright that in the ten minutes that my Rogue State has existed, I’ve gotten three (make that four) different “telegrams” from “regions” asking me to join them. I suppose I ought to find out what a “region” is, and what it means to “join” one. In my copious free time haha.)

And now Jennifer Government is on my Amazon wishlist…

14 Responses

  1. Awwwww, Prokofy doesn’t dislike you, that’s just his way of expressing love! Note the way he watches your every move, and reminisces in such detail about his past encounters with you. It’s quite clear to me that he’s completely smitten with you! ~_^

  2. Yes, I have to agree with Jacek– otherwise your words would be “banned” from the blog.. but then again the posting, your very own was probably to publicly state the feeling, and inadvertently show with precision planning how “Fair” Prok is by “allowing” you to post on the topic.

    I must say, I have so much more respect than I ever thought I did for Adric Antfarm. Obviously a fan of your blog having yours as one of his choices.

    And the vibe I get from you is that you really just want to prove yourself innocent of all charges.. as an innocent person would. I get the feeling that giving in, in your sense of it would be letting Prok believe she was correct.. and I understand that feeling. She brings out a side in me I don’t like, that few other people do.. but when it does come out, in a way I feel relieved that I am not half the monster she is, and in another way I feel utterly guilty for being anything close to a monster.

    You are not a monster though and not for once have even done anything I can see..its weird to see someone so accused and lied about..

  3. AltereggoTwit is correct.

    I do find this blog’s author to be a very talented guy. I mentioned this on NWN prior to this (http://nwn.blogs.com/nwn/2009/06/open-forum-2.html#comments) crap and yes I do link to it which is not something I do unless I like a site since I don’t ask for links or reciprocate. That link is not coming down. Your ability to write isn’t based on my mood.

    I’ve mentioned this blog more than once on my own saying how much I liked it (http://www.adric.us/2009/06/17/yellow-flags-throw-down/) and went to bat saying I felt Prok was out of line in her own forum. I seem to recall saying it was not of her business on your ex/figure, etc.

    So pardon me if I wonder how the hell I could of been more fair on this without going down on my knees and sucking you off. Sorry, but while you are a good blogger, you ain’t that damn good.

    I will continue to be a “fan” of this blog but I will not blindly follow you or Prok. If you want a legion of brainless idiots, stick to your own ass kiss readers.

    I will hold on to my own views AND read this.

    I see now how you feel you have no people who dislike you. Dude, there is a real difference between the leaches you have now and friends but you won’t find out until shit
    gets tough. They are the first ones to bail on you.

    I would rather one person who is honest with me than 100 of your base.

    I looked all over this damn site for an email link to say a lot of this, but no luck. Mine is on my blog – adric@adric.us, but it’s cool it you want to do this via your trolls.

    The very reason I disabled comments.

    • Adric, are you saying that I have “attacked” you on Prok’s blog now?

      I complimented you on being human only to come back here and be misread and insulted.. nice to note my accuracy in the topic, but I am hardly anyone’s “little bitch”.. and I happen to like Dale for being his attitude.. and just because I mentioned yoru blog doesn’t mean I was trolling you.

      I am sorry if you see me through Prok coloured glasses.. because I am not that shade..

      • I urge calm. :) I suspect that this is a simple misunderstanding over some wording somewhere, and it will be all worked out once adric is home from work or something.

        I remember some very early studies back when like Usenet was just getting started, about how easily people take offense, how likely misunderstandings are, how often people curse, and so on; and all of those things were significantly higher in online things. Like weblog comments. :)

      • Just to finish the story here :) I will point out that Adric and AET resolved their understanding and made up, and now exchange long discussions about Swedish meat entrees or something regularly over on Adric’s weblog:


        which you should read.

  4. Thanks, all!

    @Alter: Yeah, I need to disengage from Prokofy again; the negative energy is just too strong. But I do have this crazy dream of someday helping Prok cure himself of his random fury; think of all the good karma there would be in that! :)

    @Adric: I’m immensely pleased you like th’ humble weblog here so much! I hadn’t seen those comments of yours before; they make me very happy.

    I thought I had my email address somewhere on the weblog too, but it looks like I don’t; I will add it to the “About” page or something. Until then, it’s “DaleInnisEmail@gmail.com”.

    I’m not sure what happened at about the third paragraph of your comment there. :) I don’t think you’ve been at all unfair in this whole thing, and I don’t think I said anything that implied that you have been? And I don’t think Alter was accusing you of being unfair either. Did I overlook something significant? You sound angry, but I’m not sure what it’s about; apologies in advance if I was obnoxious somewhere.

    In defense of my friends, they are a good bunch, and quite honest, and give me grief *all the time*. :) I have no interest in sycophants (or however it’s spelled), either.

    I did find the “if you’re out here in the Real World, you’ll inevitably have enemies” thing in Prok’s comments sort of funny. I mean, it sounds macho an’ all, but it’s not necessarily true. I’ve been out in the real world, working in the private sector (coming in at the bottom, with no family influence of any kind) for 20+ years, I’ve advanced by doing sound technical work and getting along with people, and as far as I know there really is no one but Prokofy Neva that actively dislikes me. There could be lots of people who despise me but just don’t say anything, but… it doesn’t seem terribly likely to me. :)

    This isn’t to say that other perfectly good people haven’t made enemies along the way while still being good people. It’s just a quirk of my own style that in general I don’t.

    P.S. WordPress put your comment on moderation for some reason; maybe because of the URLs and the email address? I cleared it as soon as I saw it; it wasn’t anything I did on purpose…

    • Dale I sinceerly hope that people don’t take offence to my complimenting them…

      I have as far as I know called people good when they are being good.. and I suppose after seeing how I am in the presence of Prok that the negativity of the arena just doesn’t wash off.

      Perhaps my reputation has become tainted and people do assume I am a dangerous creature because I hold my own and yet, as I mentioned on XSL that women against each other (in forum arguments) have been the worst.. lashing out at each other when deep inside its to hide the heart break..and fearing showing any sign of weakness.

      And even with me some of that comes up even if I try to back off from it..

      And I hope that I didn’t seem “not” calm.

      I know you hardly know me and I hardly know you but I trust your visual sense, Dale, and I come here occasionally when I remember because you have actually posted some cool stuff.. and I have to occasionally back track to your flickr account… and I think what resonated with me about what Adric said earlier on Prok’s blog was that you don’t take low punches when you could..

      I elaborate its because you are innocent of charges you are accused of.. There is something profound about that dream of wanting to save Prok, we have to know that she in her situation is a profound force for getting her own way no matter what the cost and even if she must shoot herself in the foot and scream out she did no such thing… remember that when trying to save her next time in your dreams.. I realize I dream things like that too concerning people… and there is a saying.. “no good deed ever goes unpunished” which comes to mind..

      But still I suppose anyone reading Prok’s blog who doesn’t know anything about me would assume much about me which isn’t true. This is the true power of Prok, the illusion that she has some line on the truth when she doesn’t.. and makes allot of false assumptions.

      Keep up that Buddist thing.. I think even if you arn’t one, you definately radiate it with some of your posts.

      • Ty very much! My guess is that adric just thought you were being sarcastic when you said nice things about him. After reading too much negative stuff elsewhere, it’s easy to get used to everything being negative. :)

        There are lots of Buddhist ideas that really appeal to me; I just wouldn’t claim to be one myself for fear of offending someone who actually is, in the more conventional sense…

  5. Oh, and on third reading I must caution my treasured readers that while you can be mean to me if you want, you aren’t allowed to be mean to each other; it is against Teh Rules! So if anyone’s been doing that, please stop it. >_<

  6. What are you all talking about? I haven’t gotten beyond the first picture. Boy Dale in stereo…rrrowwrrr!!

  7. /me grins. I suggest not reading beyond there, really…

  8. “Dale Innis is a creepy stalker, a deliberate trolling annoyance, and a lying sack of shit. ” – Christ! You’re not kidding he doesn’t like you. That’s some strong stuff :-o

    • Well, it’s important to consider the source. For Prokofy, that isn’t really all *that* strong language. It’s as if you or I had said “Dale is sometimes kind of annoying”… :)

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