A whole week of postings? Gasp!

Chestnut points to Alicia Chenaux’s Big Bad Blogger Challenge, which dares the world to post something to their weblog (“blog”, wince) every day for a whole week.

Oooooh! :)

‘way ‘way back in the day that would have been no challenge at all; I used to post regularly to my RL weblog every single day, always, with just the occasional off-day that I would apologize to my readers for. That was a long time ago! Before Second Life, before World of Warcraft, before a bunch of things. And also before WordPress; my RL weblog was (and is) hand-edited HTML (heavly copy-and-pasted from week to week of course), uploaded via scp. Old Skool!

Nowadays I post to the RL weblog maybe two or four times a month, and I post here utterly sporadically, as you know. But given this challenge, maybe I’ll try doing a whole week and see what happens.

‘course I’m already a day behind; maybe I’ll do two today to catch up…

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  1. One word: postdating. Works marvelously (grin).

  2. I have wondered for some time why you use the older term “weblog” instead of “blog.” Do you care to explain?

  3. :) Thanks, Harper. I’ve never found that particular control in WordPress, but if I ever need it…

    Chestnut, yeah, I like “weblog”. “Blog” turns me off somehow. It’s like a sound effect. And not a nice one. “Blog”, it goes, “blog blog blog”. Ewww!

  4. […] “unplugged” the past few days during an extended weekend vacation, I just now read Dale’s blogpost in which he shared his first posts for this week of daily posts as prompted by Alicia […]

  5. Dale, the “change posting date” cycle is on the “Edit Post” screen, on the right side (unless you’ve moved widgets around).

    Also, there’s an alternative explanation to the term “blog” that might fit your feelings; it comes from Helen, Sweetheart of the Internet, and goes along the lines of:

    Steve: “Helen, is that your weblog?”

    Helen: “Yeah; want to see what I’ve written about you?”

    (Steve sits down and reads; and then)


  6. Thank you. :) That does indeed fit my feelings. (And I love that comic! How dare it not have a syndication feed!)

  7. I’m only a recently blogger I guess – about 2005 when I blogged my garden, veg and house extension (along mith mucho other crapola). The SL one came along and killed the other dead – and the activities that fed it :-D

    And I don’t like weblog because of the odd sound it makes that goes “web…blog” – web trails off and then blog pops back into life – it’s an ugly sound, like “hooha!” :-D

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