On the beach at Extropia.

From a meme by this guy, via Chestnut. (Whose bottom is really cute. :) )

I really do need to write that “Body:RL :: Avatar:SL” posting sometime…

4 Responses

  1. […] You can leave your hat on Joining the “nekkid but tasteful butt” pictures meme that Dale has shared (whose is sweeter than double-whipped chocolate I might add) and that was started on a […]

  2. Dammit! Why nobody is sunbathing naked there when I’m home?!?

  3. I don’t know how common naked sunbathing is, although given that it’s Extropia it’s hard to imagine anyone complaining. :)

  4. i think its hot that people r nakid they could have total hot sex the mans dick can go in to \her vagina and they could scream eat his cum and fuck her really hard

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