I didn’t even know her well, had only exchanged a few random weblog comments awhile back. But I knew her second and third and fourth-hand, from her interactions with people, from the way people talked with her and talked about her, from the way she fit into and enriched the Great Conversation in the part I hang out in. And yesterday, when I found out, I was too numb to say much of anything in that community at all.

As I said to someone privately, I know all sorts of reasons that the world is still a good place, that death, even tragic death, still validates life, that Rheta having lived, even her child having lived that very brief life, is a good thing that should make us happy. And still inside it hurts, and parts of me are just saying “no!”.

Marx Dudek has put together a video tribute from various of the weblogs and memorials and memories that people have been sharing about Rheta. It helps.