Jungle Cat

Welcome to another “let’s pretend to be a fashion blog” entry!

Jungle Cat, Extropia

That’s me at home in my myPod in Extropia (nice Extropia beach in the background across the water), in a look that’s unusual for me (pale lips, footwear), but that I kinda liked. So I’m doing a pretend-fashionista post about it! (Click through to flickr for more sizes and stuff.)

Jungle Cat, lolfashion shot

Skin is “Jungle Cat”, a Midnight Madness exclusive at Ari’s Neko Retreat.

Hair (including built-in hat and neko ears) is from Dirty Lynx (and I don’t know what the item is called because I am not a real fashion blogger and didn’t take good notes QQ).

Bikini (with the flag of the Republic of Mew) obtained at Mew.

“Yumi” shorts from Dazzle that was (Back In The Day).

Wonderful black boots are I think “Versatile”, from the amazing Grim Bros; I usually go barefoot, but now I have two pairs of Grim Bros boots that I completely adore! On this (oddly monotone) Grim Bros flickr image you can see some of the cool things attached to them: there’s a hammer, a compass, some little moving things, a bandana or two, moneyz, and all sortsa other stuff. (Very thanks to the nice friend from whom these were a gift; yay presents!)

Awkward-looking stand-pose is from Linden Lab’s Noob Collection, wahahahaha.

Is that it? I forget what else fashionista postings are supposed to say. :) I should probably mention that I got these SLURLs mostly from landmarks of unknown age an’ I haven’t tested them lately. So TP at your own risk!