Beyond Blogging: Dancing!

The other evening I held a session at an unconference put on by some virtual-world-savvy IBM types.

The (un)conference was called "Seeking business value from investment in virtual worlds on the 3D internet", aka "Beyond Blogging". My session (the last on the first day) was "Field Trip: Social Aspects of Virtual Worlds". My original plan was to take a bunch of inexperienced AVs out and show them what fun Second Life can be (since, as the abstract says, this is an important part of understanding our potential customers).

But it turned out that most of the attendees were far from newborn, and already knew how to poke a danceball. So I just took everyone up to Indolence and we partied and danced and discussed business models and adult content and stuff. I was fun!

Field Trip 1

And not one person seemed to mind any of the pictures on the walls.

(That’s me in my red Mohawk again. I didn’t wear it to the main conference sessions, but it seemed appropriate for Indolence.)

More dancing:

Field Trip 2

Ahuva was too tired to dance (she was one of the clever people behind the (un)conference); so she just came along and rested on the rug and talked and I suspect dozed off a bit now and then. :)

Field Trip 3

A good time was, I think, had by all. And I got to see Indolence again (I just recently took it back out of my pocket after having it packed up for some time), which was very nice. I should have more parties there.

(Note that this was a conference session and not a party, so don’t be miffed that I didn’t call and invite you. :) )


Chapter XXVII: The Hollow Earth

Chapter XXVII: The Hollow Earth

“Next morning we awoke to the wild calls of cave-frogs carrying across the lapping subterranean water, and the King’s attendants offering us an odd but flavorful breakfast and a variety of civilized past-times. The others elected to return to their beds, pleading aches and exhaustion from our ordeal the day before, but I accepted the Royal hospitality, and soon found myself moving smoothly through vast caverns of muted blue, grey, and brown, seated in an elegant cave-boat of exotic design, and accompanied by the King’s eldest daughter, Princess of the court of the Underdark.

“While her attire would have raised eyebrows back home, she behaved with as much decorum and charm as the best-bred young woman of Boston or London society. We spent a pleasant hour drifting among the luminous fungi and smooth stone walls of the buried world, while she laughed at my amazed exclamations at the passing of gigantic fish with glowing fins, and we smiled together at the soft loveliness of the caverns into which the river opened out at intervals.

“I was sorry to return when she said that the hour for luncheon was approaching (although how the people of the Underdark tell the time without sun or chronometer is still a puzzle to me), and we turned the boat around to wind our way back to her father’s palace”

[Amazing build in the Hollow Earth region, by Tekelili Tantalus. As well as the lovely caverns (free boat available at the dock), there are shops for fantasy and Lovecraftian-themed home decor and clothing, including the exotic outfit Michele is wearing in the picture, and the cool Cthulhuoid monocle that I’m wearing but you can’t see it because I’m facing the wrong way, which is or was available for $1L, and which I suspect I’ll be wearing quite a bit.]

Goodbye, Hello

As one of SL’s biggest me-related blogs, I thought I’d post some more random pictures of the Big Move, now that the story has a (temporary) ending. Click through to flickr for a few more words on each.


That’s the Shack at the instant that I first set it as my home location back in July 2007 (courtesy of the screen_home.bmp file).

Last day at PIER: the empty shack

That’s the Shack on the sim’s last day, everything of mine moved out except for the giant flower on the roof, the empty vendor stalls looking all emosad in the background.

Last day at PIER: lone rose

An interior shot of emptiness. If you look closely you’ll see a single rose in a vase on the windowsill. Sob!

At home in Extropia!

And here, in the happy ending, is my new screen_home.bmp, showing me in my new home location, my little myPod in the airy upbeat shininess of Extropia. I’ve been renting it for some time, but now it is officially Home. Hurrah!

(And don’t ask me why I haven’t just set my home location to the biggest chunk of land that I actually own and control and where I spend lots of time: the Park in Hughes Rise. Just too obvious, maybe, haha.)