The Red and The Wild

Okay, so everyone is posting and putting up pictures about and from AM Radio’s latest amazingly wonderful and enigmatic and lovely and intriguing build “The Red and The Wild”, so here I am doing it also. I’m just posting a few here (all of which are better viewed larger), but on flickr I have a whole set (and see also the relevant flickr image pool).

The Red and the Wild: AM and person

The Red and The Wild: Transported

The Red and The Wild: On the porch

The Red and The Wild: Towers

The Red and The Wild: Red and Wild

4 Responses

  1. […] I hope they convey some of the warmth and fascination of this build. Go see it yourself. Look at Dale’s photos – he takes better pics than I do. He has several up on both his blog and Flickr. zazek and I had a […]

  2. Oooo, lovely – and lovely photos. I really must go to this one having missed his others :)

  3. Awesome pictures.

    I love that build… really, really amazing.

  4. Thanks! Yeah, AM keeps raising the bar on himself. :)

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