What are they smoking?

anonymous-bank-of-ganja-1192588 Okay, so back in an earlier post we were all annoyed by the idea of banning all “adult content” from the mainland, and the initial definition of “Adult” that the Lab had posted. Then we were amused and frustrated by the replacement of that definition of “Adult” by a page saying “Oops!”, so that all the subsequent discussion of what to do with Adult content might as well have been about what to do with Frazmataz content, since “Adult” was undefined.

Now the Lab has put up a new definition of “Adult”, and although it’s nice that it’s marked “Note: This document is undergoing a round of edits. The final version may be different”, it’s sort of a pity that it’s completely bonkers.

Not only does it again define Adult regions very broadly (as any region that “advertises or publicly promotes… Representations of intensely violent acts… Photo-realistic nudity [or]… Expressly sexually themed content, spaces or activities (whether or not photo-realistic)”, therefore getting Michelangelo’s David and nude beaches again despite having assured us they would not, and for that matter probably getting most lingerie stores) it also (just a sentence or two before, and contradictorily) defines adult regions as those regions “that host conduct or display content that is sexually explicit or intensely violent, or depicts illicit drug use”.

Illicit drug use.

Illicit drug use!!

I mean, what the hell?

I had a slippery-slope argument in my original posting on the Adult Exile, saying that if sex-stuff was exiled to its own continent then people would start to whine and want anything else that they didn’t liked also exiled. I actually thought it was a rather weak argument, and I put it last, but here it is already!

Can I have a show of hands of how many people have been traumatized or offended, while innocently wandering the mainland, to come across someone smoking virtual mari-huana (the devil weed!), or shooting up virtual heroine? Or been offended by a virtual head-shop opening up next door? Or who thinks its reasonable that no one not age-verified should have been allowed to go to SecondStock (a fun virtual Woodstock that was chock-full of ganja references), or should be exposed to those funny “enormous roach” attachments that people bring out at parties, or should be able to use your typical cute group waterpipe, or should for that matter be able to play with the variety of “virtual drugs” that do strange things to what you see on the display and how your AV moves?

Anybody? Anybody at all?

I mean, doesn’t this wording even ban those anti-drug posters that show ugly losers smoking pot, with the words “pot smoking is very glamorous” under them? They’re depicting illicit drug use!

(If you read a little further on that page, you’ll also find that you can’t have a cocktail party on a PG sim; no social alcohol use.)

I hope I’m going to look really silly tomorrow when this turns out to have been a typo or cut-and-paste error or April Fool joke at the Lab, or that I’ve missed the entire point because I’m just back from a business trip and I’ve been out of touch and I’m too sleepy to think straight. I would be okay with that. I would not be okay with someone at the Lab actually thinking that this is a good idea, and that people who are not age-verified must not be allowed to see virtual people using virtual illicit drugs. I mean…

I mean…

What are they smoking?