Yuri’s Night 2009 in Extropia

I have been a bad little Second Life Weblogger by not posting things in my Second Life weblog! I thought I had done an entry with pictures from the 2009 Yuri’s Night Party Marathon in Extropia (my home town!), but it looks like I only just posted them on Flickr and not on the weblog tsk. So here are just a few of the thirteen pictures I took. It was a great time! (Click through to flickr for the commentary.)

Yuri's Night, 2009, Extropia: Party!

Yuri's Night, 2009, Extropia: Go

Yuri's Night, 2009, Extropia: Soph

Yuri's Night, 2009, Extropia: Truthseeker

Yet more of the reasons I so love Second Life. :)

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  1. […] Yuri’s Night also received strong mentions from Dr. Phil Plait, the “Bad Astronomer”, Scott Beale’s Laughing Squid, the Google Lunar X PRIZE’s Launch Pad, and Dave Mosher and the rest of the crew at Discovery Space. (If you haven’t yet seen the awesome video Discovery Space produced while covering Yuri’s Night DC at Goddard, you should, well, drop whatever you’re doing and take a look.) Some sites had particularly rave reviews; StarWars.com proclaimed “CLEVELAND YURI’S NIGHT ROCKED!”, Yuri’s Night NYC made Time Out New York nostalgic for “freeze-dried ice cream“, and one blog had both kind words and some great pictures from Yuri’s Night Second Life. […]

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