The grid was borked for lots of yesterday, and bazillions of people, including me, couldn’t log in. When I finally could, I experimentally teleported around and bought a few 1L things just to make sure stuff was working. Then, since I happened to be :) right next to a hair store that was having a sale, I did a little real shopping.

Hair Shopping

A whole color-pack of these for arond 50L! What a deal! :)

(SLURL for the store)

I was randomly flying around the mainland in my Futura in that outfit when I got an invitation to Tiphares; turned out they were having a "Renaissance Fair" theme of some kind. Not wanting to abandon the look entirely, I changed to a non-pink version of the hair, and put on enough of the standard Elf Boy outfit from the library to pass as Ren without covering up the arm tattoos.


A pretty successful outfit, I think. :) I even tied for second place in the inevitable "Best Costume" contest (winning 300L, most of which I immediately deposited in nearby tipjars).