Meanwhile, back in Second Life…

Park Maps, Hughes Rise

I’ve put up a couple of new signs in the Hughes Rise park (click through to flickr for access to larger sizes). On the right is the very nice (and magically self-updating) New Citizens Incorporated map of the Linden-owned continents of the Grid (available free, along with maps of I think the first two continents, at their Fisherman’s Wharf build (and likely elsewhere)). On the left is a lovely freebie region-map device, which can be set to display a map of whatever region you like (mine is of course set to Hughes Rise). I’ve stuck little “You are Here” prims on each one (the red arrow and green diamond), so people can see where they are.

Due in large part to early mentoring from the amazing Veronica Quackenbush, I’m a great believer in educating residents about the shape and geography of the world. We TP around so much that it’s all too easy to forget that the world has an underlying structure, and therefore to miss out on all the fun involved in, say, going from your house to a favorite club via road or helicopter rather than just zapping direct, and potentially seeing interesting things and meeting interesting people and having noteworthy adventures along the way.

Take a walk along a road today! You never know what you might run into. :)

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  1. Check out this link out:

    SL Maps 2009 Resouces! :D

  2. “There is an eternal landscape, a geography of the soul; we search for its outlines all our lives.” (-Josephine Hart-)

  3. Perfect. :)

  4. I so agree – I love the fact that the world has a shape, a very real shape just like the world I live in when I can’t log. My own attempts to document this shape have been small, but I like to think helpful :)

  5. Hey, you are a famous explorer! Do you know Veronica Quackenbush? You should; she is neat. And also an explorer. And builds train systems and stuff!

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  7. […] other day I was gazing idly at the map I have in the Park, and I read the little note next to the “Gaeta I” continent, about how Gaeta is planned […]

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