Spennix has her specs!

It didn’t take Spennix nearly as long as we’d feared to gather (and buy) all the materials for her cool new goggles, so she’s now made them, and don’t they look amazing?

Spennix New Goggles 1

Spennix New Goggles 2

A bit Dr. Zakharov, but ‘way weirder.

(I’d also like to point out that one of the ultra amazingest builders of all Second Life has at least for the moment faved the latter picture on flickr. Presumably for “see if these goggles inspire anything interesting” reasons rather than for “what amazing composition and technique this photo has” reasons, but we take what we can get and are thankful for it.)

So now having the flying machine and the goggles, not to mention being level 70+, there’s nothing immediate on Spennix’s plate, and (especially since I’m back to work now) I suspect she’ll be resting on her laurels a bit, and I’ll be playing WoW somewhat less for awhile. Although I’ve been wrong about such things before…