A Bloomin’ Mole!

A really long time ago (weeks and weeks!) when Gypsy of Gypsy’s Midnight Club was still on the grid regularly and I was a regular there (both as customer and dancer), there was one of those Second Life Accidents, and much of the club (including most of the walls and ceiling and floors and some of the artwork and accessories) got returned to the inventory of the original builder, who as far as we know never comes into SL anymore. Gypsy was (understandably) upset by this, and I jumped in and rebuilt the place more or less sort of approximately like it used to look in time for the events that night (and no one seemed to hardly notice the changes at all!).

One of the things I rebuilt was the platform outside the main door to the club, that you walk across to get to the adjoining mall; I was in a hurry and just threw down a couple of megaprims, not noticing that they slightly overlapped the protected land road right-of-way that ran past the club, since there was nothing there anyway.

Then the other day I got an IM from Bloomin Mole, asking if I could come and move those prims so they didn’t jut into the right-of-way anymore. I TPd over to Gypsy’s, and discovered to my pleasant surprise that there’s now a very nice road running through the right-of-way, complete with signage, and a cute little mole was working on landscaping the roadside.

Bloomin Mole

I talked to the mole a bit, adjusted the megaprims so they stayed on the Gypsy’s parcel as they should have in the first place, and then thinking how nice it was to have a road going past I fiddled with things so that there are ramps connecting the road-level to the club and the mall, just in case anyone drives by. (I should really put a sign of some kind down there, too, but we’re really short on prims, especially with this cast-off 28-prim collar that someone left lying around; maybe Gypsy will peek inworld sometime long enough to get rid of the primlitter.)

So but anyway. That was fun. :)

4 Responses

  1. And I quoteth… “nd I jumped in and rebuilt the place more or less sort of approximately like it used to look in time for the events that night ”

    Fek me. You rebuilt a club in an afternoon? That’s seriously good going – I can’t build a 1 prim box without resorting to swearing at my computer and drinking more tea than is good for a human.

    p.s. What is the mole holding?

  2. Well, yeah, I wanted to impress the owner. :) And it was mostly pretty rectangular. Mostly. Getting the upstairs office roughly correct was the biggest challenge.

    And I think it’s a tapemeasure. Or something like that.

  3. Now *that’s* an interesting story!

  4. Why, thank you! :) And thank you for your patience. Lisette and the girls send their regards, and the chutney was much appreciated by all.

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