I don’t really know why I bother…

but hereafter find my scathing comment (first post!) to another clueless ‘ten reasons WoW is better than Second Life’ sort of post by someone who can’t have spent more than an hour in SL.

May I speculate that you are an ex-WoW player, and a “never tried it but have read about it in the news” SL user?

1 (the subscriber base is bigger) is probably right as to numbers; there are more regular WoW players than SL users. But as to who they are…

2 (IT workers are more likely to play WoW) The people I run into on WoW are (with some exceptions) preteen boys with the interests and manners and tendency to yell “DeathDeelar is gay!!” that you’d expect of preteen boys. The people I run into in SL are (with some exceptions) interesting and intelligent adults, many with jobs in IT, or the arts, or other creative fields.

3 (“It’s fun”) If you don’t think Second Life can be just as addictive (and fun and compelling) as WoW, you *really* haven’t been doing your research.

4 (“There’s a point to it”) It’s true there’s a built-in set of goals in WoW, whereas in SL you have to make your own reasons. But what’s really more interesting: finally killing the second boss in Kharazan, or building an art gallery (or jet-ski, or space station) with someone from Brazil, because you both thought of it?

5 (WoW has communities, SL doesn’t) Again you must never have used Second Life. It is all *about* community, and not just for “a bit of online chat”. There are groups that host live music, that create art, that build buildings that go shopping together, that play roleplaying games (sort of like WoW!), and that just hang out intensely together. If you don’t know that SL has communities what *do* you think the 70,000 people logged in at any time are doing?

6 (“Reliability”) You’re right on this one. :) But to be fair, Linden Labs has a much harder problem to solve, given that Second Life is user-created, and all the content is dynamic. Also they don’t shard.

7 (“It’s unlikely, if ever, that you’ll be in the Second Life world with a fellow user on a computer beside you.”) Where did you get that first sentence? Do you have any evidence at all? I’ve talked to just as many people in SL as in WoW (i.e. a few) who were inworld from adjacent computers. I remember one undead couple in WoW doing RFC together, I remember one couple talking to friends and dancing at a party in Second Life; both couples were together in real life, at computers next to each other. Why do you think it’s any rarer in SL?

8 (WoW “continues to grow”, SL doesn’t) Completly backwards. WoW grows only when Blizzard makes new content and releases a patch. Second Life grows every time a resident makes something new in the world, which is probably at least once a second.

9 (“WoW makes a lot of money”) As a player or a user, the only reason I care how much the company that owns the world makes is that I want them, and therefore the world, to grow and prosper. As far as I know, both Blizzard and Linden Lab are doing fine. Why would I care a about more than that, unless I was looking for a stock investment rather than a world to play in?

10 (WoW users love it) And your evidence that Second Life users don’t love Second Life with a passion is…?

Really, when comparing X and Y, it’s good to know *something* about Y other than what you’ve read on fishwrap…

8 Responses

  1. ok, your *tags* completely cracked me up!

  2. Little Liar says ‘grrr’
    BrightAmber says ‘He wouldn’t last 5 minutes with me.’
    Idiot Runner, having been confronted with the massive illogic of the ’10 Reason’ will run around babbling incoherently as soon as she gets done typing this sentence.

  3. I can tell you that Cheyenne and I are right next to each other in RL when we go listen to live musicians in SL. My 15 yo is much more likely to be alone in RL when playing WoW.

  4. My wife and I have enjoyed being on SL at the same time sometimes just creating furniture and scripting while listening to music on the island and voice chatting, no kidding. Do you think I would EVER get her into World of Warcraft? There is NOTHING creative about World of Warcraft, and yes, I got my Druid to 18th level before the trial ran out including Walrus form. The entire ‘game’ is mostly about killing the next biggest monster. How in the world can anyone attempt to argue that is better than creating or even _just_ socializing in Second Life. You see, people in Second Life still have to think, generally, whereas people in World of Warcraft really don’t. Sure there is a little strategy and problem solving, but I don’t see anyone walking though Museums of replicated or original art work. I don’t see ANY performance art. I don’t see ANY original creation at all in WoW were at every turn I see something that someone created in SL.

    I know that post hardly deserves even a response, but I face incessant proddings from good real life friends to ‘play’ world of warcraft with them. I would sooner watch a Bowl game.

  5. By the way, I think there is an entire underground segment of population that just has a hard time typing in general, they don’t admit it, but that is the reason they don’t like Second Life and other worlds that require at least some typing skill.

  6. What’s WoW ? Is it like rl with more guns and stuff ? Whatever it is, I can think of at least ten reasons why it’s much worse than sl.

  7. Thanks for all the comments, all of which I agree with. :)

    You can think of WoW, World of Warcraft, as if someone had taken a particular set of sort of fantasy-themed AVs (knights and trolls and rogues and stuff) and a particular combat system (one of those HUD-based things where you can buy compatible weapons and armor and stuff), and a particular set of weapons, and added a quest component to it (maybe some SL RP / combat sims have quest-chains on them, I dunno), and then made a subset of SL where that particular thing was ALL that you could do. And then, because that’s all you can do, they optimized the heck out of the servers and the client, so that they’re very fast, very stable, the HUDs work smoothly and without lag, and so on.

    So you can’t build or script or go to danceclubs or anything, but if you want to fight monsters and other players with swords and axes and guns and stuff (where death is common but temporary), and there are always more quests to do and more points to get, it completely rocks. Oh, and there is as far as I can tell no age limit (either lower or upper).

    That’s WoW. No more like RL than SL is, but very restricted and very stable; doing a small set of things and doing them real well.

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