Just five more minutes…

Five More Minutes?

One of the lovely things about SL is that you can always spend five more minutes in bed in the morning. (Not to mention that you cal sleep in your pearls without getting all tangled, or the strand breaking.)

So what am I thinking about this morning? I’m trying not to think too much about the flamewar I let myself get drawn into yesterday; it was fun in a way, and I felt like I couldn’t let the original insult go unchallenged, but these things always leave me feeling karmically dirty. (Where do I go to add “karmically” to the wordpress spellchecker?) Lying in bed half-awake, I fantasize that maybe Prokofy Neva is really somebody reasonable (I don’t know; Crap, Ordinal, Nika, Desmond, Dale?) who just needs a place to completely let go sometimes, and unload whatever irrational spiteful lunatic bile has accumulated in their system since last time. It would explain alot (including why the ideas behind the incredible hostility are sometimes actually plausible). But other evidence is against it.

I’m thinking about the next few thousand words of the November novel. (Someone said on Plurk that they wanted to read it, so here’s a snapshot that I’ll with any luck remember to update as I go along.) I’m thinking maybe a Wikipedia entry for DomWatch, the weblog that keeps track of the alien or aliens that has taken over some number of villages in rural south Asia, where the people seem to worship it (them) as a god or something.

I’m vaguely trying to get myself to think about work, or at least trying to get myself to feel guilty that I’m not thinking about it. My RL self reports that the work email client is all upset again, and I’m unable to send mail, and someone wants a copy of something urgently in the next hour and a half or so. But that’s ninety minutes, so spending just five more minutes in bed here (listening to the surf outside the propped-open windows, breathing the sea air) won’t hurt anything, surely.

I’m being all amused and proud of myself again for my great public service in producing an accurate transcript of Crap Mariner’s marvelous The Death of Vinnie Linden (you must go listen to it if you haven’t yet; I know I’m generally anti-audio and anti-video, preferring the lucidity of text, but in this case…) for Vint Falken’s weblog. Not sure exactly why I did that, but it doesn’t lose its appeal on repeated listening.

I’m thinking about World of Warcraft, where I’ve been spending entirely too much time playing my brand-new Death Knight in the Wrath of the Lich King expansion. Someone asked on Plurk the other day why WoW is so addictive, and got various somewhat useful answers. I play WoW when I need (or want) mindless entertainment, when I don’t want to be social, when I want there to be nice clean doable goals (always another quest to do, another level to conquer, another kind of bandage to learn to make), where I want to be pretty sure that a modest amount of effort will lead to clear and measurable success.

I used to be a programmer in RL. Programming is like WoW in general: you know that a modest (or sometimes an immodest) amount of effort will lead to clear and measurable success. Where there didn’t used to be a program, there is now, and you wrote it, and when it runs it does what it was supposed to. That’s why I like scripting in SL also. I’m not so much a programmer in RL anymore though, now I’m more into strategy and technology outlooks and things; predicting and shaping the future. And there the effort and the rewards are all much less well defined. I make some PowerPoint, or write a whitepaper; big whoop. They don’t do anything. Maybe what I say is presented to people who make important decisions, maybe it influences those decisions. Or maybe they would have made the same decisions anyway. Maybe the decisions are good, maybe not so good, but you can’t actually tell. The results can be bad (or good) due to bad (or good) luck, even if the decision was good (or bad). So it’s all very tenuous.

Gosh, this must be boring for you. :) Apologies. But it’s my five minutes, and that’s the sort of places my head is spinning right now.

Oh, and yesterday I meant to download and try out the Imprudence viewer, but I didn’t get around to it. Maybe tonight. If I get up to at least thirty thousand words (preferably 30,500) first.

Aw well, stretch yawn, better get up and get the stupid email fixed. Coffee?