Feelin’ Groovy

Here I am, just Being, in my little piece of the SecondStock sim, where they’re doing a recreation / celebration of the original Woodstock festival. One of the organizers TPd me over and convinced me to rent one of their little stalls. I made some Tshirts and some books, put them out as freebies, and put out a tipjar. Grooviness!

Common Goods Snapshot

(Click through to flickr for access to more detailed larger size.) Books (not counting the Hobo bookcase) include Dharma Bums, Be Here Now (and see also the Be Here Now carpet), The Lazy Man’s Guide to Enlightenment (my favorite obscure hippie philosophy book), Hippies from A to Z (lols), and (on the ground slightly under a crate) the first annual Swimsuit Edition of High Times. Various T-shirts in the T-shirt vendor, two classic Arcadia Asylum freebie vendors with very cool (if high-prim) hobo things, a lovely colorful mushroom by Sabrinaa Nightfire (who was kind enough to let me give that away too), a couple of meditation balls, and a freebie psychedelic chair. What more could one want? Well, drugs of course, but there are lots of those in the other booths nearby. :)

Note: I seem to have been in SL quite a bit less lately (there may even have been a day when I didn’t get inworld at all!). Not taking a hiatus or anything, and definitely not a reflection on any of many beloved v good friends there. Just feeling a sort of early-fall hibernating mood, I think, and also a huge unpaid sleep debt. :) I imagine I’ll be back to more or less my old ways before long. So don’t worry!

7 Responses

  1. Hey man, got any incense? groovy…… :)

  2. I was looking for some (very low-prim) incense in my inventory, actually. :) But the only one I can find is placed attractively up in the Floating Rocks build and it’s no-copy. Maybe I’ll try to make some…

  3. Dale, I forgot to buy a copy of your “Be Here Now” rug, but now I believe it might be a happy reminder to AFK friends. (Speaking as a chronic faller-asleeper, I realize I need the reminder myself: “Be here now, Vremya, say night-night.”) Gotta buy one before they’re sold out!

  4. Awww, but I do worry. For example there is no way ppl are going to pay top dollar for ‘An Evening with 2 of the 3 Graces.’

  5. /me will burrow (burrough? bourough?) around in inventory for a toga or three. :)

  6. Wow. Hate. I mean HATE the new banner. Is it low res or solarized or, you know, what? Love your avatars, but not in 8 bit format.

  7. It’s low res *and* solarized. Or posterized or something. It’s supposed to look trendy an’ sophisticated. :)

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