Alternate Boy Dale

I keep mentioning that although I have lots of good hairs and skins for Girl Dale, I have only two of each that I really like for Boy Dale, and I keep not showing the other boy set. So here it is. :)

Alternate Boy Dale Outfit

I got the skin really cheap somewhere, and I hope it’s not ripped off. The Tshirt is by me (it’s an in-joke with some folks at work, but also a pretty nice Tshirt). And the toolbelt is one of my favorites…

(Click through the image to the flickr page for exactly this same content on a different website! Woot!)

Oh, and the unusual background is because I’m standing on the sandy seabottom on PIER. Why not, after all?

One Response

  1. Of course I recognized the sandy sea bottom right away. You’d be surprised how often I TP / fall / roll / step off of stuff and end up in 20 feet of water. And me, typically so well coordinated. : )

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