Blowing stuff up

In a couple of places recently (Vidal Tripsa and Crap Mariner come to mind, but darned if I can find the actual postings depite long milliseconds of searching) I’ve seen references to causing builds to blow up by setting them physical and temporary, and then delinking them.

The other evening amazing small-stuff maker PatriciaAnne (see her Lilliton for instance) IMd me asking for a script to make something explode, and I jumped at the chance to say “sure” and thus commit myself to figuring out the details and writing a script to do that myself.

I eventually wrote it, and gave it to PatriciaAnne, and also to the world on the Second Life wiki. And now we have a demo!

Here is the thing to be blown up: a popular freebie house, rezzed on a nice seacliff somewhere in Shengri La:

The Beginning

We insert the script, utter the magic words, and ka-boom:


Debris flying everywhere!

And here is the result:


Nicely destroyed.

(Some number of seconds later the debris all vanishes automatically; no need for cleanup work…)

6 Responses

  1. I put a kit together like that… it works in vehicles and also gives items hit points and armor points, so that way a bullet doesn’t do as much as a rolling boulder. Would you like a free Arcadia Asyum trailer ( so that shooting only the gas tanks causes it to smolder and then explode? :D I’ll check out your wiki entry too. (And there isn’t usually any chat spam in the explosion, unfortunately during the video the metal sheets landed on a few land mines I had lying around :D )

  2. Cool, thanks for the link an’ all!

    And I’ve always wanted to have a weblog where in the comments someone might say “unfortunately during the video the metal sheets landed on a few land mines I had lying around”; wooooot! :)

  3. Dale, thanks again for this script. Goose Wycliffe and her partner Rik Zwiers have used it to make a fiery, collapsing Burning Man on the Virtual Artists Alliance group plot.
    Burning Life (Babel) (202, 75, 24)

  4. ooo, cool! Very glad to have been able to contribute in my own modest way… :)

    Thanks for the posting!

  5. Opfh! Excellent! If only I’d have known! How hard would it be to add explosion, smoke and fire effects too?

  6. How did this post ever escape me? Maybe because I was but a virtual toddler when you wrote it:)

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