Spennix in 3D!

For Christmas (in 2007) I got permission to get a Figure Prints “print” made of my primary World of Warcraft character, the lil gnome rogue Spennix.

This is one of those kewl 3D printing things, where a computer is given a three dimensional shape (in this case from the amazingly extensive online WoW databases, including the Armory), and by various magical processes involving atoms it produces a real-life made-of-atoms version of the shape. Skilled artisans then paint it and otherwise finish it off, and it is shipped off to someone for lots of money. (This has also been done for Second Life AV’s; from the pictures on the site it’s pretty awful; I hope atom-Spennix looks better than that!)

It turns out that not only does this cost the sort of money that one doesn’t spend, but rather is given for Christmas, but also there’s a huge demand and not much supply (the two are probably somehow related). There’s a monthly drawing to select those peoples whose WoW characters FigurePrints will actually take money to produce in atoms, and you just have to enter and cross your fingers. I entered and crossed my fingers, and nine months later (hm), I got a congratulatory note saying that my name had been drawn, and I could fill out the order form.

Being an interactive Web 2.7183 order form, as well as letting me order it also showed me a picture (see?) of (something like roughly) what the final product will look like. I checked the boxes to have Spennix’s guild tabard and current roguish facemask not shown, and her dual daggers out, standing in her typical “stealth” pose (but not half-invisible, ’cause that wasn’t an option).

Isn’t that cool?!?!

Atom-Spennix should apparently arrive at my atom-doorstep in something like a month. oh boy oh boy…

3 Responses

  1. That’s awesome!

    I’ve often dreamed of having a hard-core PVC figure otaku make a garage kit of me, but that’s the kind of money you don’t spend even if you *do* get it for Christmas.

    Maybe a drawing, or a t-shirt, or an oil-painting or somesuch. Much more realistically priced. ^_^;

    Regardless, there’s a real kick that comes of seeing some sign of yourself in the atomic I think.

  2. I hope it’ll be awesome! :)

    T-shirts is a fun idea; we could start a craze for taking a headshot of oneself in SL and then sticking it on an atomic-world T from cafepress or somewhere. Hmmm… :)

  3. Keep us posted on how she turns out!

    I’ve been looking into having an artist do a manga-style portrait – which, yeah, more in the affordable range.

    Still, I’d love action figures of my WoW alts – and I fully expect to see the Extropia line in stores someday! :)

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