Calling not-yet-famous SL clothing designers!

Are you a talented clothing designer in SL, looking for a hightoned place to show your stuff? Are you tired of looking at an endless series of overpriced uninteresting square stalls, in malls where the vendor next door is selling badly-scripted genitalia and the only potential customers are 50m away on the camping chairs? Or do you know someone in that unfortunate position? In that case (ta-ta-ta-taaa), lookit the Shengri La Vintage Marketplace:

As Michele says on that flickr page:

The Shengri La Vintage Marketplace space is designed to give new designers a leg up for a short period of time.

If you are or know of an emerging fashion designer with lots of talent and ideas but no idea how to go about getting established, send a notecard to [Michele Hyacinth] the next time you’re inworld. Include your name, preferred time to contact in-game, a couple of sentences about your fashion line (hoped for or just getting started), and if you have pictures, add those too! Then I’ll be in touch!

(And let me say editorially that as well as being in one of the grid’s loveliest sims, one of the great attractions of this marketplace would be the opportunity to work with Michele, ’cause she is neat.)

2 Responses

  1. You are *awesome*! You Utopians are simply the best!! (Plays Tina Turner video at full blast.) Thank you!! Shenlei has created such an *incredible* opportunity for new designers just starting out. Plus Shengri La is simply gorgeous in scenery and spirit both, I so totally agree! And I’m so totally honored to help with this and work with all of you.

    By the way (mixing comments here ooooo like mixing veggies and carbs on a plate!), *love* your Spennix! How cool is that! WAY cool! Can’t wait to see Botgirl’s exhibit too! And absolutely delight in your cube maker/dropper/stacker!!

    You know what? You RAWK!

  2. /me blushes modestly. :)

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