Spontaneous collaborative building FTW!

I was wandering around with v nice friend Michele the other day, shopping in a vague way for a nice marble or stone or something pool or bath or water-thing for lounging around sybaritically (oooh, there’s a word that the spellchecker doesn’t know (haha and “spellchecker” is another)). She found one that was almost right, but it was a little pricey, and it had these like sculpted cherubim pouring water out of jugs that were a bit much for the use-case.

And suddenly I remembered what universe we were in, and I said “you know we could just go over to the land and build one, and it would be free and wouldn’t have like cherubim and stuff”, and so we went over to the land and did that:

By the pool

I did the prim-wrangling, and Michele did the “wait, that oval cutout looked good” and the “it needs vines” and the “wait go back to that last texture” part. And in I dunno half an hour or something we had a very nice little pool, just 18 prims including lights and the mist and the various freebie sits around it, and some of her cushions and pillows and things tossed casually around, and I could float on my back looking at the stars while we talked about the meaning of life or whatever.

(It took a little more than half an hour to get it really right, because the water and the vines need to be phantom and the rest of it needs to be non-phantom, which means it needs to be two separate objects, but that’s a drag, so now there’s a control menu that lets you “empty” and “fill” the pool, which derezzes and rerezzes the water and the vines as desired. I also added the occasional passing butterflies (upper left) and soft fireworks (not pictured) after the main build. And ouch look, that closest pillar isn’t perfectly aligned; have to go in and fix that! :) )

This is one of the greatest things about SL. Not that I’m against commerce, and don’t have plenty of bought objects myself. But the ability to sit down with a friend and just make something on the spur of the moment (or for that matter with days of advance planning; that’s great too) is so amazingly wonderful…

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  1. Collaboration is good indeed. When I started building the Extropia sandbox people came and made suggestions for structural changes.

    They also gave me scripts and textures that I would have had to spend hours making or hunting down. As it was, it helped get things done a *lot* faster.

    It’s kind’ve appropriate – that building a place of collaboration was helped along by…collaboration.

    Anyway, I know what you mean. Sandboxing and building with friends is one of the unique pleasures of SL. Thanks for posting about it!

  2. Thanks, Argent; appropriate indeed! I need to write some more posts on this subject if I can avoid being distracted by shiny things long enough. The ability for users to create content is great for a whole bunch of reasons; the ability for users to create content collaboratively, inworld, is great for a bunch of others. And SL’s sitting right in the sweet-spot… :)

  3. […] Spontaneous collaborative building FTW! […]

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