Where I Rez

Inspired by Ches, who was inspired by Crap who was inspired by Zoe, here’s a weblog entry about where I normally rez when I come inworld. It’s here:

Where I Rez (Good morning!)

(Click through to flickr for more details, as usual.) On the renormous bed in my little PIER shack, where I have a convenient sleep-poseball. Tropical breezes through the windows, a friendly club across the water, what could be nicer?

This is also where my home is set to (only outside):

Where I Rez (Home spot)

And here’s the lovely little place from above (on Ultra for nice water effects):

Where I Rez (overview)

The shack is standard, the flower and roof-rug and danceball and… are what part of what makes it Home. (The bright blue light on the lefthand side is serendipitous litter.)

Where do you rez?


Four (4) small things

I’m off on vacation IRL (did I mention that?), so I haven’t been inworld or even reading weblogs much, but

  1. I did make it to Ches an’ Zha’s Grace concert, which was great fun,
  2. I commented on Soph’s provocative weblog entry on the “are SL AVs too unrealistically skinny?” or whatever it is meme that’s pottering around the weblogoverse (an’ other ppl said nice things about my comment yay!),
  3. People keep posting pictures from AM Radio’s “The Refuge and the Expansion”, and I haven’t seen it yet. I want to see that!
  4. Same for Nebulosus Severine’s “Chasm” which has also been extensively noted. Neb is cool; we met randomly at a show of some Neb stuff a long time ago. It was great (Neb gave me an “Art is Meant to Disturb” armband as I recall), and I’ve written some scripts for her over the months. So I want to see “Chasm” too!

So there ya go; that’s four! We’ll be back from vacation soon, and I’ll probably start being inworld for hours a day again. :)