Looking at Virtual Harlem

This week’s Virtual Artists Alliance PhotoHunt was in Virtual Harlem. Predictably enough :) I used myself as a prop:

PhotoHunt shot from Virtual Harlem

That’s me, in the lovely dawn light, outside the virtual Cotton Club. Virtual Harlem (on the Second Life region of the same name) is as far as I can tell more a museum and educational thing than an operating living place (the thing with the words on it in the lower mid-right of the picture is a floating historical sign, and the trolley that goes around the place speaks a perpetual guided tour), but it has a few scenic spots, including the Cotton Club, the Apollo, the Savoy, and some nice residential streets.

Here’s the Photohunt page on VirtualArtPedia (which is worth sniffing around on). Note that I think the start time listed on that page may be wrong; SL residents interested in taking part in the Photohunt should join the Virtual Artist Alliance group in SL, and check out the Notices. (The VAA was one of the first groups I joined in SL, and I think I was one of the first people to join it; I should tell that story sometime!)

My submission didn’t win (or place, or show) this week, but I’m pretty used to not winning VAA things; my tastes and those of the voters seem to be pretty different! (I did really like the picture that came in second in the PhotoHunt this week. Not that the 1st and 3rd place ones were bad, they just weren’t the ones that I liked the best.)

Speaking of which :) here’s the VAA posting about the 24 Challenge that I talked about here the other day, including nice pictures of all the entries.

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