It’s sort of silly to be recommending something after it’s over, but WTH it’s my weblog, I can do whatever springs to fingers.


The other evening Phinn IM’d me to remind me that I kept saying I wanted to see the very notable “The Wall V-2” and well hey it was the last night so it was now or never, so I made room in my Busy Social Calendar and I went and it was really amazing and memorable and afterwards they invited us all to go up and dance on the fragments of the wall so there I am up there doing that.

Pretty neat, eh? :)

The whole thing was very very well done and highly effective. Lots of great scripted events, like shattering glass, entire-stage color changes (except, mostly, for The Wall itself, which sat there grey and graffiti covered and ominous), moving spotlights, character puppets, mostly sinister, that I couldn’t tell if someone was wearing or if they were being operated or scripted or what, costumed dancers, and generally all sorts of things. As well as disturbingly relevant Dubya voiceovers scattered through the soundtrack.

Good performances in SL are just wonderful. Visual / audible / mental / social delights, and all from the comfort of one’s easychair. A good RL event involves vastly more sensory input and “realness”; but it’s also vastly harder to get to, and in many ways vastly more limited. I say profoundly. :)

Vanity, thy name is Dale

Second Life Profile Pic, 2008/08/24
New profile pic, woot!

See botgirl wondering why we allatime post pictures of ourselves to flickr; in this case it was (obviously) that I happened to cam around so I was looking at Girl Dale from the front while wearing this hair and skin, and I thought “this beauty must be shared with the world!”. (And I meant to airbrush out that place where a piece of her hair sticks through her shoulder; darn.)

Girl Dale’s hair from ETD (Rachel), skin from Celestial Studios (Charmed: Rubies, I forget the shade number). Necklace is Miriel’s “Luna” in silver, earrings from somewhere or other, tanktop from the Subclub at PIER. (That’s “submarine club”, you filthy perverts. For the other kind of sub club I usually go to Twisted Orchid, although I admit I haven’t done extensive comparison shopping.)

Boy Dale is in the usual Naughty Designs Gabriel (Early Tan, Shaven) skin, and Diversity Hair. He’s now got one other skin and one other hair that he likes; I should take a picture in those sometime. Nice fishnet top and ankh pendant from I forget where.