Free Lindens!

(The title is a Clever Play on Words, exploiting the ambiguity between “Lindens” as a nickname for the currency of Second Life (actually “Linden Dollars” or something), and “Lindens” as the AVs with a last name of “Linden”, who sort of run the place. Droll, eh?)

In some random Group IM the other day someone mentioned having heard something from a Linden, and someone else expressed amazement that a Linden had actually talked to someone, and said “are they still even on the grid?”.

The answer is yes! Lindens are all over the grid, and while they’re often invisible and/or very busy (as when they’re fiddling around trying to keep things working, or fix problems, or investigate griefing complaints), there are also times when they’re just sitting around waiting for Residents to wander over and say Hi and talk about stuff. Some of these times are official Office Hours, lots of which are listed on the Wiki page of the same name.

So here I am at an Office Hours, hobnobbing with the Gods:

At Whump Linden's Office Hours

That’s Leyla Linden (the girl with the enthusiastic hair) and Whump Linden (the lil cyborg) in the foreground, and some boy’s back and me (the redhead in the center), at Whump’s Office Hours yesterday.

Office Hourses vary wildly in style, scope, crowdedness, and interest. Anyone looking at the transcript of the session pictured here might conclude that we spent an hour on saying Hi, engaging in pointless chatter, and exchanging about eight sentences of actual information. They would be entirely correct. :) I missed Zero Linden’s office hours on Tuesday, and in looking at the transcript afterward, I was glad I did: fifty-five minutes of saying Hi and making silly jokes about obscure computer languages, and maybe five minutes of actual substance.

On the other hand some other Zero and Whump office hours have actually delved rather deep into actual technical and design and architecture topics, the last Blue Linden office hours that I was at had lots of interesting discussion about Main Grid and Teen Grid issues, and once when I went to a Kate Linden office hours I was the only one there, and we spent awhile (I didn’t try to keep her for a whole hour) talking about Second Life in general, what it’s like to be a Linden, and so on. That was great fun.

So Lindens are out there, and they’re approachable and free. Go to an office hours and grab one for yourself today!

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