SL Name Watch

Here’s a random little fun site o’ the day: slnamewatch dot com uses the Second Life API (or screen-scraping or something; I don’t know!) to keep track of the list of last names that are available to new Second Life residents. You can also sign up (via a Google Group) to get notified (at most once a week) when new names are added to the list, and you can look at a report for a particular last name (like say Innis) about how many people with that name there are, when that name was last available, and so on.

The main use of this is clearly ego-surfing. :) I’ve also signed up for the group (we’ll see how long I stay signed up), in hopes that if they ever make my RL last name available (which is entirely possible although it hasn’t happened yet) I’ll see the notification and have at least a tiny chance of swooping in in time to get an alt with my RL name (how cool would that be?).

(Although there are like four thousand Innises among the current Residents, I only really know one other one, and she mostly only contacts me to borrow money. Which reminds me…)