Where I Rez

Inspired by Ches, who was inspired by Crap who was inspired by Zoe, here’s a weblog entry about where I normally rez when I come inworld. It’s here:

Where I Rez (Good morning!)

(Click through to flickr for more details, as usual.) On the renormous bed in my little PIER shack, where I have a convenient sleep-poseball. Tropical breezes through the windows, a friendly club across the water, what could be nicer?

This is also where my home is set to (only outside):

Where I Rez (Home spot)

And here’s the lovely little place from above (on Ultra for nice water effects):

Where I Rez (overview)

The shack is standard, the flower and roof-rug and danceball and… are what part of what makes it Home. (The bright blue light on the lefthand side is serendipitous litter.)

Where do you rez?

3 Responses

  1. wow.. this makes me think i should get a home or something..

    Damn if i don’t rezz nearly EVERYWHERE.. tho i do try to rezz dressed most of the time, sometimes i forget when i’m loggin that i should at least put on pants..

    Oh.. and i try not to log from anyone’s bedroom (or dungeon).. Kinda awkward if they have someone there when i show up..

  2. The classic problem. :) For those mornings where you don’t quite remember where you logged or what you were(n’t) wearing the night before, there’s always login-at-home…

  3. […] upstairs, the drum-circle islet. PIER features in various postings to this weblog, particularly Where I Rez; my PIER shack has been my SL home location for a long long time […]

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