Still not a party at Indolence

I still haven’t had a party at Indolence, but on Thursday night there was sort of an alpha-test. I was sitting around at Botgirl‘s place in Extropia, talking to bg and Vidal and Peer Infinity (who was in pink-bunnygirl form). When the conversation turned to strip-clubs (as it usually seems to in SL hahaha) I mentioned Indolence, and it was suggested that we go and take a look at it.

After we arrived and were playing around and bouncing off the walls and so on, I invited Michele over, and Peer invited a fellow bunnygirl, and Vidal invited Kanomi™, and someone who has yet to admit it :) invited a guy named Alonzo something in a newbie AV, who seemed to be trying to be unfriendly or something but left pretty quicky. Botgirl also brought in her ‘bot Majik, who danced naked on the sexy-dancing chair and kicked off a discussion of shyness, intimacy, and the significance of who or what is “behind” an AV.

A grand time was had by all.

Not Party Guests

That’s me an’ Michele doing the tango, Kanomi dancing with Peer (or possibly the other bunnygirl; in keeping with the stripclub theme they both removed much of their pretty fur, revealing pretty human skin underneath), and Botgirl (in wings and startlingly brand-nonconformant red hair) dancing with Vidal (in futuristic-fae form).

I think this was more people than have ever been in Indolence at one time before! We still haven’t played Word Frog, or raided the ‘fridge much, or drank the drinks. But we did play on the furniture some!

Mistress Vidal

That’s me and a scantily-clad Botgirl, submitting ourselves socially to Playboy Bunny Vidal as she looks out over the festivities from the throne on the dias in the corner.

Really must have an actual party sometime….