Wedding, yay!

A few weeks ago, v good faerie friend Adri sent me an invitation to her wedding to other nice friend Sin, and I said “I can’t remember something that’s all the way at the end of June!”, and she said she’d remind me and on like Thursday she reminded me, and then on Friday I logged in in a panic about 30 minutes after the start time of the wedding, and was just about to IM her to apologize when I realized that it was Friday and the wedding was Saturday. Whew!

On Saturday I managed to be only about 10 minutes late for the wedding (thanks to a v kind RL person doing something for me in busy RL so I could be there at all), and I sat quietly on a mushroom (tx to other v kind friend Noe for telling me one that wasn’t occupied while I was still rezzing ppl) and watched the ceremony an’ didn’t woot inappropriately or anything!

Here is me dressed for the wedding:

Clothes for Adri an' Sin's Wedding

an’ here is the kissing part of the wedding (yay, kissing!), where the brides kiss:

Adri an' Sin Wedding Kiss

(Click through to flickr for other stuffs, as always.)

One of the few things I’ve managed to get inworld for at all recently, an’ I’m glad I made it! A good time was had by all at th’ after-party, w/ dancing an’ chatting an’ stuff.

I might or might not comment about SL marriages in some other post sometime, but SL weddings can be lovely an’ fun an’ all… :)


2 Responses

  1. Hey, you’ve got a blog! (states the very obvious and waves at Dale)

  2. Yes, I do! :) Waving back. Not clear what it will turn out to be about, as I can’t really picture myself posting them looooong discussions of Pressing Current Issues that other ppls tend to. But we’ll see!

    (/me thinks about making “tl;dr” SL T-shirt.)

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