Another build that I’m extremely fond of is Indolence, a dance club that I built once just because I’d never really built a conventional structure before, and I (hem hem) had significant experience with dance clubs. Here’s a not really very good shot of it (the only thing I’ve ever posted to Snapzilla) from some time back:


The lovely reading-lillies are from Rhea Newall of Ribbons & Roses, one of my favorite people evar; the pictures of ladies’ bottoms dimly visible above the stage are by Callipygian Christensen (another favorite person), etc, etc.

Despite being a dance club in form (right down the the box that gives out free logo T-shirts), I’ve never actually had a party or a dance or an event there. In fact there may never have been more than three people there at once.

I really ought to do something about that…

5 Responses

  1. Pick a date and have a party! You don’t want to leave the planning up to Michele, Harper and me — do you? Who knows what havoc would ensue…

  2. What is this “planning” of which you speak? :) Maybe some evening when it looks like I’ll be on for awhile uninterrupted I’ll just group-IM my whole friends list with the SLURL…

  3. You REALLY should do something about this….

  4. :) So good to know people care! RL is still being utterly crazy; when it stops doing that maybe I’ll have an “ahhhhh” party…

  5. […] party at Indolence Posted on 19 July 2008 by daleinnis I still haven’t had a party at Indolence, but on Thursday night there was sort of an alpha-test. I was sitting around at Botgirl’s […]

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