My probability density

Due to Stuff going on in RL (not bad stuff, just Stuff) over the next few days, I may (or may not, but I’m mentioning it just in case) be less visible in the digital words (RL, Twitter, weblogs, etc) between oh say today and oh say July 1st. Just so y’ know… :)


Another build that I’m extremely fond of is Indolence, a dance club that I built once just because I’d never really built a conventional structure before, and I (hem hem) had significant experience with dance clubs. Here’s a not really very good shot of it (the only thing I’ve ever posted to Snapzilla) from some time back:


The lovely reading-lillies are from Rhea Newall of Ribbons & Roses, one of my favorite people evar; the pictures of ladies’ bottoms dimly visible above the stage are by Callipygian Christensen (another favorite person), etc, etc.

Despite being a dance club in form (right down the the box that gives out free logo T-shirts), I’ve never actually had a party or a dance or an event there. In fact there may never have been more than three people there at once.

I really ought to do something about that…