The floating rocks (tx to Roger Dean)

One easy thing to stick in a weblog is like pictures an’ stuff of my various builds. Here’s the Floating Rocks build:

Roger Dean Build

It’s Roger Dean inspired, clearly; click through to the Flickr page for details.

It’s also right above my park (see previous posting). I was down in the park the other day and noticed a green up-arrow nearby on the minimap, but there was nothing in my AV-radar (really need to make that device that sends probes up and down to be able to radar more of the vertical column). I figured they must be up in the rocks, so I used the little TP arrows to go up, and there were an Elfish Lord and Lady type lounging around. I said Hi and Welcome and they said nice things about the build, and I forgot to ask them how they happened to run across it, then I stepped off the edge (wheeee!) and returned to ground level.

That was fun. :)

6 Responses

  1. Makes me want to put on a “Yes” album and rock out ;)

    Good stuff ^_^

  2. Ty!

    When I mentioned Roger Dean to the Elf visitors, the Lady said “From the Yes covers?”, and then immediately “uh oh we’re showing our ages”. We decided our story was that we’d seen some of those old album covers at our Granny’s house once… :)

  3. […] Speaking of people, here is a picture of Amber, up in the Floating Rocks build: […]

  4. Motto number 4 or 5, who can keep track I come up with about one a week…(ahem) : ‘Everything I see is mine’.

    Some people seem to be taken aback by this rather cat-like attitude, assuming that, somehow, I am talking about site-ownership. Please. Do you know what I would have to do to afford even a little parcel of SL land? Well, it wouldn’t be pretty.

    Ok, it would. But that’s not the point.

    What I really mean when I say ‘everything I see is mine’ is this. I redefine each and every object and relationship is SL to be an amazing part of my amazing adventure. Or, if you prefer, ‘rockin’. (Hee hee, kiss kiss.)

    And, Dale, ‘I see you.’ Mwaaah!

  5. […] again ‘way up in the virtual sky, on a slightly more sophisticated virtual sky platform (my floating rocks build, which is still up there over the Hughes Rise park), with my virtual umbrella, pondering the drop. […]

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