It’s Second Life’s Fifth Birthday!

And I’m paying basically no attention to it. I’m not sure why I’m generally so uninterested in highly advertised Big Events, but I certainly seem to be (I barely got to any of the NPIRL Gardens at all, for instance, and I vaguely noticed that they’re being taken away today or tomorrow or something).

I guess I like little abandoned and forgotten things that not so many people know about, and that I stumble on by accident, or because a friend recommended, or because I overhead the URL in some obscure club. Not only are they interesting and quirky, but they usually aren’t horribly lagged-out! :)

2 Responses

  1. You and me, Dale. I think I spent all of 1 evening at the Garden, and SL5B has no cache to me at all. Well, maybe the VIP talks…but I’m never around for those. You know, RL. Job. Etc. Nice blog, btw!

  2. VIPs usually all say the same kinda thing anyway (an’ very slowly at that). I prefer VUPs. :)

    Ty! Is bog-standard wordpress weblog; I take little credit…

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