The floating rocks (tx to Roger Dean)

One easy thing to stick in a weblog is like pictures an’ stuff of my various builds. Here’s the Floating Rocks build:

Roger Dean Build

It’s Roger Dean inspired, clearly; click through to the Flickr page for details.

It’s also right above my park (see previous posting). I was down in the park the other day and noticed a green up-arrow nearby on the minimap, but there was nothing in my AV-radar (really need to make that device that sends probes up and down to be able to radar more of the vertical column). I figured they must be up in the rocks, so I used the little TP arrows to go up, and there were an Elfish Lord and Lady type lounging around. I said Hi and Welcome and they said nice things about the build, and I forgot to ask them how they happened to run across it, then I stepped off the edge (wheeee!) and returned to ground level.

That was fun. :)

It’s Second Life’s Fifth Birthday!

And I’m paying basically no attention to it. I’m not sure why I’m generally so uninterested in highly advertised Big Events, but I certainly seem to be (I barely got to any of the NPIRL Gardens at all, for instance, and I vaguely noticed that they’re being taken away today or tomorrow or something).

I guess I like little abandoned and forgotten things that not so many people know about, and that I stumble on by accident, or because a friend recommended, or because I overhead the URL in some obscure club. Not only are they interesting and quirky, but they usually aren’t horribly lagged-out! :)