Sinister Steampunk

So hunts are Good Things because:

  • It’s fun to hunt around for stuff,
  • You find new stores to shop at,
  • Some of the builds of the stores are really nice,
  • Once in awhile you find some wonderful new thing that you’re actually going to wear, or use, or whatever, constantly for weeks.
  • They are good for the SL economy.

And of course hunts are Bad Things because:

  • You get tons and tons of stuff cluttering up inventory, sometimes unopened for weeks or years,
  • You spend time when you could have been doing something more creative, and of course
  • They are bad for the SL economy.

Because of this ambivalence :) I only occasionally weblogify about hunts that I hunt, but I thought I would weblogify about this one just because (a) I felt like it, (b) I’m a bit short on Lindenbucks, so I am probably not buying as much as usual as I hunt, so maybe I can contribute some publicity :) and (c) it’s a good hunt.

(Note: the reader may interpret the above remark about Lindenbucks as an opportunity to buy me expensive gifts, only if said reader has not bought me any expensive gifts in the last thirty (30) days.)

The hunt in question is The Sinister Steampunk Hunt, themed around stuff that your retrofuture villain, evil genius, etc, might be wearing or carrying or inventing or driving or using.

Here I am, for instance, with the Ether Rifle of the evil Dr. Calamari or something, as obtained by our hero Parrish Ahsbourne (#8):

Aether Rifle and other Sinister Steampunk Hunt items

The elvish green leather armor and cloak are from Destiny’s Designs (but come to think of it from a Lucky Chair rather than the hunt, oops!), and the monocle is from way back.)

The weblog has a list of shops, and hints for each one, which is useful.

(Back in my day, we didn’t have lists or hints! By dag, you started with #1, and the only way to know where #2 was was to find the landmark inside the prize in #1! Kids these days!)

Don’t get discouraged, by the way, if you can’t find the prize in #2; it’s hard for me to imagine anyone ever finding it without some sort of cheating. My own hint: it’s inside a box which as far as I can tell there is no way to open.

But anyway. :) I am up around shop #17 now, of 29, and have lots of very fun stuff. Here’s another shot:

Various items from the Sinister Steampunk Hunt

The impressive telescopic monocle is from Sculptify (#3), and the backpack sprouting formidable medical / torture attachments is one of three equally impressive backpacks in the prize from Radeon Automatic (#15). The clothing is that elvish green leather armor again :) and the cigar I think I picked up in a bunker in the Wastelands the other year (so yeah, not directly relevant, but doesn’t it look appropriate?).

L+N Signature Designs (#7) has truly astounding stuff which is pretty much always out of my price range, but for this hunt they have a really quite astounding combat vehicle, which is right in my pricerange ’cause of it is free. No pictures of that, but I had fun driving it around in a combat sandbox shooting the canon and machine guns.

Pictures of the combat car, and various other prizes that I may or may not have found and/or unpacked yet, can be found in the hunt weblog too.

(Hunts didn’t have their own weblogs in my day, either! If you wanted to see what you might have gotten, you had to actually open the prizes. Kids these days don’t know how easy they’ got it.)

Anyway again! :) So that is being fun, and I will probably follow the hunt more in coming days. Unless I get distracted. Like I always do…

Dale discovers AOs

Approaching my fifth Rezday (omg!) you’d think I’d seen most things in Second Life, but somehow there’s always something new. Just the other day I discovered this amazing technology called the “Animation Overrider”…

Okay, that is a joke. :) I’ve actually had an AO since sometime my first week in SL, when I stumbled on something giving out completely free and simple (HUDless!) AOs, that just replaced the default hysterical walk and run with ones from some default Poser set.

But otherwise, except for a few brief experiments with some rather eyerolling “sexy” girl anims that came with a gown a long time ago, I’ve used all the standard Linden stands and sits and groundsits and flying positions and things, both as a boy and a girl, and been quite happy with them.

(And it gives Certain People something to tease me about, heh heh.)

Once I’d learned about these things, I cracked open my AO and found that it was just a single old “framination” script, with a mostly-blank notecard and two poses in it. I incorporated that into my Magic Bracelet so as not to take up a whole attachment point with it, and left it there.

Recently in an idle moment I started playing. I found a bunch of random animations in inventory, including some nice ANIMAH AO ones I got from a Lucky Chair or something sometime, and stuck them in my bracelet and added them to the notecard. That was sort of fun, so I went out shopping and actually bought a few more, and removed some of the initial ones that were annoying. (I like nice subtle animations that don’t have me wandering all over the place or constantly fiddling with my hair.)

The next day I got ambitious and converted the notecard to ZHAO format, passed it to the Imprudence built-in AO panel, and poof, a nice lagless AO for Girl Dale.

Girl Dale with AO

I also threw in the “Hanged Man” animation that I use in my 1,000 Avatars picture, just for variety. :)

Girl Dale with AO; special pose :)

(And yeah, it does awful things to the front of the mini-corset there; that’s the SL AV mesh for ya.)

Then yesterday (was that yesterday?), being in a boy mood again, I worked up an AO for Boy Dale. Rather than starting from scratch this time, I started with the (old, inexpensive) Coolest Man AO from Vista, because from the vendor board it didn’t seem too horrifyingly macho

Boy Dale with AO

So now Boy Dale can stand, and even sit, in non-newborn sorts of ways!

Boy Dale with AO, sitting

I haven’t added the Hanged Man stand to the boy one yet, or converted it to the built-in viewer AO, or really done anything much at all with it. But I’ll get around to it. Unless I get distracted by something shiny! :)

Some random credits:

Vista Coolest Man AO from the Random Old Stuff section of Vista Animations

Various specific poses from the back room of Sinse AO (lots of nice poses at 10L each) and from the wonderful and quirky 3M/MMMA, which I see has moved, and from ANIMAH, which no longer exists.

Girl Dale’s red jacket from CHG Fashion (I think it was a hunt prize), and floral mini-corset from EDS (was that a hunt too?).

Girl Dale’s ossom BAX boots bought at Kungler’s as mentioned previously (now I have the purple as well as the brown; equally amazing).

Top and jeans in standing-up-boy picture from WoE (who have also moved, just to confuse me!).

Clothes in sitting-down-boy picture from “Sexy4Less” which were having a Big Sale inworld but are normally just in the Marketplace.

Boy Dale’s Ankh (always) from Schadenfreude, which is a gigantic elephant, and well worth seeing even if you aren’t shopping. :)


So normally I go barefoot (or in socks if it’s chilly) in SL, sort of like in RL, because well really why not, and especially heels make my feet hurt.

But well I’ve been on sort of a clothing-acquiring binge for a few days now, as mentioned in the previous post, and somehow this led to my acquiring some very (very very) nice boots.

(Not that I don’t have some other nice boots that I have acquired from various hunts and chairs and stores and friends over the years, but…)

I mentioned this on Twitter, and a certain fictional character (John Carter, Mars, get it?) had the nerve to demand evidence.



Silvana tights (in Forest) and Lavinia top (in brown, with feather collar) from Kunglers.

Amazing BAX Prestige boots, also in brown, also from Kunglers.

See? Boots!

The boots (which somehow don’t make my feet hurt hardly at all) were actually the finishing touch on this to-die-for Autumn outfit:


Silvana tights (in Forest) again and Lavinia top (in brown, feather collar off this time) again, the latter mostly hidden by the lovely Brigitte knit coat in Moss.

And the amazing boots again.

I can’t usually wear high-waisted stuff like this, but somehow in glorious warm earthtone knits I adore it.

The boots are amazing not just because they look so grrrrrr, but also because they have like a zillion options and things, including optional walking sounds, two different optional AO walks, being able to have the sleeve at the top up or down, or put on rolled-up denim for wearing with jeans, and four different basic brown shades and the ability to recolor like every tiny little detail.

Usually I keep them basic brown and black, but if one wanted to get a little crazy…


Lavinia top again, this time with adorable little Gigi sequined shorts (skort?) in Garnet (from Kunglers yet again), and with the boots set so that the zipper and edge details are in metallic gold, and the soles largely in red.

Not only do the boots make me six inches taller (six foot three, yipes!) and maybe a little hawt (blush), but with these shorts my legs look, like, five miles long.

Woot woot!

Oh, and if it occurs to you that I don’t generally have nearly this much fashion sense, you’re entirely right. :) Introduction to Kunglers, as well as quite specific suggestions on what would look good, are all owed to v nice an’ well-dressed friend Michele again (in fact as I recall this latest burst of acquisition was because I admired the Brigitte knit that she was wearing (hers in purple), and she said, ya know…).

I am becoming such a lil clothes-horse! :)

My poor inventory!

Shortly after I logged in tonight, nice friend Michele IMd that she was on a hunt, and being in that sort of mood I said Oooh tp me. :)

It was a fun hunt, in three locations of the same store (starting here), each one containing a (tiny tiny tiny) pumpkin with some fun stuff in it, and a special bonus (with a nice extra prize) at the end once you have all three. (They’re Japanese stores, but they are named “Shön”, which isn’t a terribly Japanese name!)

Hunts are fun!

That’s the red gown that’s the final bonus prize, plus the hat from the first of the three stores. The other two stores have matching tops and bottoms in the same color scheme that make up a fun casual outfit in Hallowe’en colors.

And then when I admired Michele’s hat and wings she took me to the places she’d gotten them. :)

Fall Fairy, with added hat!

I madly lurve this outfit. It comes with like three different skirts in various lengths, two different pairs of wings (one of which drops these lovely autumn leaves constantly), and this gorgeous top (which is actually a separate shirt and jacket, either of which can also be worn alone). It’s “Fall Fairy”, from Angelwing (or Angelwings? I forget). It was only like 200L!

And the hair-with hat, for like 250L, where both the hat and the forelock have various different available colors / textures via a texture menu, is from Ivanka Akina. (Also, I think, Japanese despite the name.)

An’ Michele saw the hair-an’-hat on Harper’s weblog. Everything is connected! :)

And in various of those places I bought various other random things, some of which I haven’t even gotten around to trying on yet, and my inventory is even bulginger than ever. But it is fun!

The Dance Queens’ Dance Festival IV

Ellie'sThis from Slappy Doobie of Virtual Burlesque, one of our very favorite SL venues; but it will also be of interest to folks who like dancing that doesn’t necessarily involve disrobing:

Ladies and Gents…..
This weekend, we would like to make you all aware of a wondeful weekend long vent…

23 Jul 8:15am to 5:30pm and
24 Jul 9:45am to 5:00pm

Featured among some of the best troupes in SL is our very own Viva La Glam – Virtual Burlesque Dancers!!!
**Sunday @ 2:45pm – 3:30pm…

We have a brand new, over the top feast for you that you wont want to miss!!!!
See you then!!!!! XOXOXOX

Sounds like a Good Time! I will have to try to remember… :)

Boy Dale Digits

Boy Dale, Digits

Finally got around to the boy digits. :)

Height – 72 (6′ 5″ by some measure)
Head size – 70
Arm length – 45
Hand size – 42 (too huge?)
Torso length – 55
Leg length – 65
Foot size – 30

T and A: :)

Body fat – 0 (lol vain again)
Pectorals – 24 (where small numbers are *bigger*)
Hip width – 55
Butt size – 50

Note how many are the same as the girl digits! If we did the face too, and more numbers in general, I expect there’d be even more similarities…

(Rather awfully-lit picture, eh? Lovely script tattoo from Sharkie’s Tattoos in Viva La Glam; most of the clothing is bits of an outfit from LNL; ancient Diversity hair, ND skin, and mysterious random sunglasses are as usual.)

My Digits! (I am late to the meme.)

My Digits!

So here are Girl Dale’s vital stats, per the meme:

Height – 55 (5’9″ by some measure)
Head size – 45
Arm length – 45
Hand size – 42 (too huge?)
Torso length – 55
Leg length – 65
Foot size – 0 (as required by all shoes in the world)

T and A: :)

Body fat – 0 (lol vain)
Breast size – 51
Hip width – 55
Butt size – 50

Skin and eyes and fingernails and tube-socks and cami from Celestial Studios (slightly tanner version of my usual skin, now that I bought a whole bunch at the big clearance sale), camo thong apparently from Vasha’s Secret.

I don’t have anything particularly profound to say about my particular numbers, or the numbers meme in general. By and large, we are pretty healthy-looking. :)

(I should do Boy Dale, too, but right now I am a girl.)

Bunnies vs Argaloth!

Just to show that WoW isn’t all battles and fighting and stuff, here’s a moment of silliness, where most of the 25-person guild raid waiting for the last two members to show up before taking on Pit Lord Argaloth decided to turn each other into bunnies and get out our Spring Rabbit pets, and hop around for picture-taking.

Bunnies vs Argaloth!

(I really should have turned off all of the floating nametags, ’cause they sort of clutter up the picture…)

I am happy to see that the picture has already been favorited once on flickr. :)

I wasn’t actually planning to be in this raid at all, I just happened to be doing Tol Barad when it was time for my guild‘s weekly “Raid Boot Camp” run, so I got included in the invitation, and I thought “What the heck!”.

The raid was fun (even not counting the bunnies), and the Boot Camp part consisted mostly of following directions (something I am generally pretty good at). And I was rewarded richly, in that as the only rogue there I pretty much by default got the nice rogue PvP legs that dropped, and they were a good upgrade to my PvP set.

(In fact they’re enough better than the legs currently in my PvE set that I’m thinking of swapping them in there also; but wearing PvP for PvE, even when justified by the numbers, is sort of a WoW Fashion Faux Pas…)

So see! What WoW is really about is (a) silliness, and (b) fashion. Now you know! :)

Avination and the Freebie Issue

No freebies!Another alternative grid that’s been getting some talk lately is Avination. It’s another OpenSim grid, technically pretty stable from my small amount of experience there, with a functioning currency system, and a couple of interesting potential differentiators (i.e. things that might make it different enough from Second Life and from all of the other OpenSim grids to be notable).

The first differentiator, which I won’t mention outside of this sentence, is gambling; they haz it.

The second one is their novel and as far as I know unique Freebie Policy. Or, as it might also be called, their anti-Freebie Policy.

The Freebie Issue is another one of those controversies that I’ve studiously avoided in weblogifying about virtual worlds. The issue has enough facets and subtle nuances that it would take a whole essay to treat well, and on the other hand lots of people seem to have strong one-sentence opinions on it; not a great combination.

Personally I like it when people share stuff, and I think it’s healthy for an economy in general when in order to make a buck you have to work harder and/or have better ideas than the people who are producing stuff just for fun. On the other hand I do understand the argument that store-provided freebies are a sort of Tragedy of the Commons thing: that sellers would do better if none of them gave out freebies, but if anyone does, then in order to stay competitive you have to also. I suspect that the argument is true in some sectors, false in others, and irrelevant in others; but it would take significant work to get any good data on which are which.

Anyway, Avination comes down on the negative side of the issue in various ways. When you land at an Avination starting point, there are no boxes of free AOs, no stores giving away free “better than newb anyway” clothing. The Freebie Policy says “No Freebies may be given out in stores at the welcome areas”. And since you start with zero money, that means the only way to even walk like a person is to invest in the world.

It’s an interesting thought; they are counting on there being enough people who already know that they want to be in the world, and will be willing to put down cash before they’ve really experienced it.

(Yeah, I’m assuming that no one would want to experience a world while waddling around like a duck; a pretty good assumption I think!)

Not only can there be no freebies in stores at the welcome areas, no store can have more freebies than it has non-freebies, you can only give away freebies that you made yourself, and no freebies can be copy-transfer.

This led me to wonder just what they mean by “freebie”. The Policy seems to define them as “promotional gifts”, but just what does that mean? Is something that costs $1 (in the local currency) not a freebie anymore? What if I make something and want to give it away full-perm just for fun, not “promoting” anything but maybe my reputation for generosity; is that still a freebie in the relevant sense?

I posted that basic question as a thread on the Avination forums (which has since moved): does the Freebie Policy forbid me, as an individual rather than a store, from giving anything away full-perm?

For about a week it got only some unofficial answers from unofficial people (some sensible, some appearing to directly contradict the stated policy), and then finally there was an apparently-official reply from “Randolf Baxton, Forum Support”, which suggested two things:

  • Avination needs to do something about the attitude of their support people, and
  • The Freebie Policy does in fact apply to individuals just like it does to stores.

Which is pretty radical, really, if true. It’s not necessarily bad, but it’s a large departure from Second Life (differentiator, see?), and suggests a really significant outlook on the world: that this isn’t a place where the vision includes people randomly making and sharing things, modifying and passing them on, etc; on the contrary it’s a place for buying and selling, where the amount (and perhaps indirectly the quality) of stuff is carefully reined in. The rules about what you may create and what you may do with your creations are founded on the needs of commerce, whether you yourself intend to be commercial or not.

Not my kind of place, described that way, but nothing requires it to be. I think it will be interesting to see if it is lots of other people’s kind of place.

There’s an episode of Gridwrap (one of those long video things I never have time to watch) in which one of the Avination folks talks about the whys an’ wherefores of the Freebie Policy. I found it interesting both for what she talked about and what she didn’t talk about. She talked alot about how many freebies are copybotted (i.e. produced by using rogue client programs to copy other people’s stuff in violation of copyright), and most of them are very low-quality, and how Certain Other Grids have lots of “sims full of poor-quality freebies that no one wants”. She doesn’t talk at all (at least not that I noticed; my attention did wander) about how freebies compete with for-sale things, and raise the bar on how interesting your stuff has to be before you can get money for it. (Which I gotta think is part of the reason for the policy.)

And I think that’s about all I’m going to say on the subject tonight. :) Personally I like the sharing culture, where people make stuff and pass it around full-perm, or at least copy-transfer, and it passes from hand to hand forever. I probably like lots of stuff that the Avination people would consider low-quality (and when they say “freebies that no one wants” I have to admit what I hear is “stuff that isn’t to my taste and therefore should not exist”). On the other hand I don’t like copybotting or copyright violation; and on the third hand I’m not sure that freebies or full-perm things have much if anything to do with that.

I’m tempted to post a bunch more questions to that forum thread; about whether dollarbies count as freebies, about what the minimum price you have to charge before something stops being a freebie is, about whether it’s allowed to sell things copy-transfer (hint: for big sectors of the economy, like poses and scripts and textures, it pretty much has to be), and so on.

But probably I should try not to badger them (even Randolf) too much, and just keep an interested eye on them and see how they do. Maybe even log in again once in awhile…

(At the moment I am a very butch short girl in Avination, wearing boy’s clothes and walking around with a macho boxer-strut, because of the two AOs that I bought I preferred it to the hooker-slink in the female one. And I just bought some elf-ears!)

A Slip in Eden

I like that title. :) Could be a poem, a novel…

Nice and ambiguous!

In this case, it relates to a slip in the sense of “a docking place for a ship between two piers”.

Slip in Eden

I checked quickly inworld this morning (I’ve been travelling on RL business, and hardly on the net at all), to look at my group notices and such, and because of some random subscribe-o-matic that I’m on, I got a note about land ownership and rental opportunities in the Eden sims, which I remember from some concert or other the other month as being a friendly and clothing-optional place. (Didn’t find a website for them offhand, but here is a lil video.)

I TPd over on a whim and poked around a little, and came to a desert island where I could rez the Twenty and sail about, and eventually I ended up in a sort of downtown waterfront area, and I glided gracefully into a slip.

One of the owners of the place was around, and we talked for awhile, and I ended up renting the slip for a couple of weeks (just some smallish number of L for 30 or so prims right on the pier there; very nice).

Turns out that the Eden sims are a group of ten or so regions contiguous to the Fruit sims, which are a group of even more regions, all of them lovely and watery and perfect for sailing, as well as actively managed by some apparently-clued people.

Eden And Fruit

It’s big, maybe the size of the Blake Sea, and equally sailable, with I think more islands and less plain open water, and therefore more interesting (and a bit more challenging) to sail about in. I did not take a SLURL, but if you search the map for “Eden Naturopolis”, that should

I suspect I will be doing some hanging-about in the area! :) Assuming I get a chance to get inworld more soon. And I don’t get distracted by anything shiny…

Update: Here’s the Eden website.

Murder at Skull Creek!

So y’all may have noticed, if y’all were paying Extremely Close Attention, that this is no fashion “blog”. But I do belong to a shopping group or two (wave wave!), and I’m on some subscribe-o-matics, and wildly unlike in RL I enjoy wandering around malls and exploring out-of-the-way shops, and even shopping. And sometimes I get notices of things.

And today, just when I seriously needed some light procrastination, I got a reminder about the Murder at Skull Creek event that WoE and Exodi are doing. It started a week ago, and I don’t know how long it lasts, so rush on over! :)

It involves wearing a nicely-scripted and textured HUD, and basically wandering around finding the scavenger-hunt things and the prim-people to click on, in a nice modern build full of baked-in shadows and a fine autumnal atmosphere, in a sort of creepy inbred too-small town from a slasher flick.

I eventually actually solved the murder by finding all the millions of things you need to click on (select-by-surrounding doesn’t count as cheating, right?), and confronted the murderer (after confronting only one non-murderer), and got the Golden Ticket which lets you get all the prizes.

And nice prizes they are!

(Like my inventory needs more things in it.)

But hey, it was fun!

And so I’m telling all my friends, like the prize boxes all told me to. :)

Dale goes to IMVU

Per all of the “keep the lifeboats handy” posts about Second Life recently, I’ve been going here and there and seeing if there’s a Dale Innis (or DaleInnis) yet.

There wasn’t one in IMVU, but now there is!

Dale goes to IMVU

Well, there sort of is. It actually says “Guest_DaleInnis” above my head, and getting rid of the “Guest” costs US$19.99. I think it is. IMVU has all sortsa little ways like that to coax money out of ya; sort of like the free-to-play Lord of the Rings Online (free mount! for 24 hours; after that you gotta pay). I find the whole “being nickel-and-dimed to death” experience pretty annoying, and I’m glad Second Life doesn’t have lotsa stuff like that.

Anyway! The initial IMVU AVs are all gag-me-with-a-spoon dumb-looking (not in the “boring and generic” sense, but in the “14-year-old boy’s image of a prostitute” sense); but even without paying any “credits” there’s a certain amount of customization you can do. I seem to have started with like 3500 “credits”, and spending about 700 of them got me this nice non-stupid top and bottom. The hair was already in my inventory. :)

So far two boys have wanted to talk to me (before I’ve even gone anywhere, assuming there are places to go); one wanted to Skype / Cam with a nice woman (and was quite grateful when I turned him down nicely haha), and the other is from Columbia and wanted me to help him with English. (Google Translate is amazingly nonawful these days.)

So there ya are… :)


That is, a bunch of random recent pictures.

Wandering about near my place in Vallone, in wild and wooly Zindra, it turns out that the Liqueur Club, which vanished awhile back, has returned with a new name and motif, but I think the same owner:

After Glow

Hope they prosper!

The plot between my place and the road was originally a pawnshop, then a strip club (that never actually opened, as far as I know), then a Naughty Hospital (woot!), and now is again for sale:

Vallone For Sale

Come by and take a look!

(That is of course my platform in the background; and I don’t know why that species of Linden tree wasn’t rezzing just then. But the cherries are pretty!)

On the other side, further down the road, a neighbor has an art gallery featuring very attractive nude photographs (mostly of herself, I believe).

SLEA (Second Life Erotic Art)

I do love Zindra. :)

Back home on the subadult mainland, there’s still considerable land for sale in the Rise. There was a big mafia mansion between the Park and the Narrow Gallery for a bit (complete with limos, pool, and machine-gun nests), now replaced by a big vampire-mafia castle (stone, coffins, helipad). Just up the road from the Park Welcome annex, someone was putting up a nice little house, and I said Hi and we chatted a little.

And then aways further along the road, there’s Azadi Donuts:

Azadi Donuts

which is, and contains, various references to Iranian political movements, that I don’t know enough about to know whether it’s pro or con, straight-up or satire, or why there are all those vehicles like suspended in midair.

Speaking of not knowing things:

Cleanup Time!

Look, d00d, I leave my land open and my furniture unlocked because I am a Nice Person, but please try to clean up after yourself!

What were you doing that resulted in having eight invisible male bits scattered around the Dreamliner, anyway?

On second thought, I don’t think I want to know…


And finally, our burning question of the day: is the grid read for such beauty?

Is the world ready for such beauty?

Just askin’… :)

(This skin, which is so amazing I’m sort of afraid to wear it, is from ROCKBERRY; I think it’s a Kalista. The gorgeous armband and hair jewels are from Nizam (they were gifts, thank you thank you!), and the bracelets from Dark Eden. The clothing is random mix an’ match; I think that’s a “Simone!” top.)

Into the Hollow

I don’t usually plug mere stores, but I love this one. :) Into The Hollow has a small but marvelous collection of stuff. Sort of I don’t know Charles Adams meets Peter Pan or something.

into the Hollow

Here is me, in Homemade Wings (including harness), and the Birdsong Ladies’ Underbust:

into the Hollow

With odd and intriguing things for sale on the wall behind me.

This lovely Entomologist’s Collection here is only 10L!

into the Hollow

(There’s a Haunted version for I think the same price.) Come and buy things before the owner realizes how much more she could get for them! :)

Here is more of the stuff; note the extremely educational Young Practitioner’s Series!

into the Hollow

(I got to feel useful by helping out the proprietrix (the new and clearly talented an’ also nice Dame Hollow) , when I bought something that she’d accidentally set to For Sale Original, and I ended up owning it…)

ThingMaker — endless

Yes, I have been having far too much fun. :) A pre-release version of the upcoming 3b version of the ThingMaker, a little hack to the code to make it produce things endlessly, a spinning camera-platform, brand-new copies of FRAPS and Windows Media Player, a brand-new YouTube account, good old Soma FM on the land-stream, and there we are!

And you weblog readers get a special behind-the-scenes picture:

The Making of my first Youtube video!

(Your cameraperson there is wearing the wunnerful OrKa outfit from alpha.tribe.)

Fast, easy, fun!

Thanks to Ahuva, I actually attended (most of) Philip’s talk today (via treet TV, I think, although I can’t find any record of it on the website). Mostly I attempted to cause amusing things to appear in the live Twitter scroll below and to the right of the video, while letting his soothing words wash subcognitively over me, but I did notice that he said that the new design goals for SL are “Fast, easy, fun!”.

Which, as I immediately recognized, belongs on a tee shirt.


You can now get this shirt, the texture used to make it (so you can make your own variants), and two other classic Dale Innis “tee” shirts (“Light Sweet Crude” and “nice 2 meet u!! wanna cyber?”), all full-perm, for a mere 30L (i.e the texture upload fee), on xstreet SL (ha, I spelled it right!) here:


Woo an’ woo! :)

Update: Impressively, it seems I was not the first. However, only mine is magenta!


If you’re reading this sufficiently close to (or distant from) the time I’m posting it, you’ll see that there’s a new header on the ol’ weblog here, involving two of my more common forms wearing some wild and rather npirl hairs, or hats, or headdresses, or something.

I’m very fond of this banner, first because it fits so cleanly into the rest of the weblog design and I just like the image, and second and vaster because of the story behind those headgears.

I posted the other week about an amazing outfit that I’d gotten at alpha.tribe, and about the alpha.tribe line itself and how refreshingly different it is from the run of the SL mill. I also linked to the alpha.tribe weblog.

Well, I’m guessing that Alpha Auer followed the referer links back to here, and looked around and came upon various posts about the Thingmaker, ’cause I got a very nice communication wondering if a copy might be available. Being utterly flattered, I said sure and sent one along.

Well! While I’ve never seen much of anything but sometimes-diverting abstract shapes in what the Thingmaker makes, the content creators at alpha.tribe apparently looked at the same things and saw… content!

alpha.tribe uses ThingMaker! ("Array")

That’s me, in the alpha.tribe store, wearing a new alpha.tribe headpiece that uses a bunch of Thingmaker-arranged prims! How cool is that?

That one above is “Array”. Here is “Magnolia”:

alpha.tribe uses ThingMaker! ("Magnolias")

And here is (probably my favorite) “Pillow”:

alpha.tribe uses ThingMaker! ("Pillow")

(I don’t have it positioned quite right on my head; when positioned right, the forehead is even awesomer.)

All of them come in like four different colors; here’s the opposite color of Pillow:

alpha.tribe uses ThingMaker! (also "Pillow")

I am bouncing up and down and squeeing constantly since I first saw them. :)

Here’s the Alpha Tribe post about them (which says very generous things about the Thingmaker), and here’s the Alpha Tribe store where you yourself can buy some. (Disclaimer: if you do so, I will probably get some of the money, because they are wonderfully generous.)

Now ppl are encouraging me to sell Thingmakers on xstreet SL or whatever that thing is. And I might do that! If I can figure out how to get the permissions right. And if I don’t get distracted by something shiny!

Random collisions and ad hoc collaborations like this are one of the big things I love about SL…

Alpha Tribe, Green Chaos

A couple of different friends had mentioned Alpha Tribe to me lately, so I just had to go.

They have the most amazing stuff!
Alpha Tribe, Green Chaos
(Yeah, that’s me! Click for larger lightboxed version.)

A fantastic (hehe see what I did there?) reminder of what SL can be, after too many long days of tall tan 90210-style humans…

(Also not cheap. :) Now I gotta buy Lindens again!)

Main store:



Woot! :)

I’m not sure if virtual cleavage counts, but just in case…

For background, see the original post and the amusing metapost followup (the Internet is such an odd place).

And in fairness to the nutball who apparently started the whole thing, his actual claim was not that immodest dress causes earthquakes directly, but that immodest dress leads to adultery, and that leads to earthquakes.

Which really makes even less sense than the direct-causation theory, if that’s possible…

“Charmed” skin, in “30 Rubies”, from Celestial Studios
“Bedded Attitude – Dirty Blonde” hair from ETD
Neko 08 w/Highlights, eyes from Jenika Connolly
Black Designer Eyeglasses, so old they don’t even show a creator
Republic of Mu Flag bikini top, from the memorable Artemis Fate
Mayoness necklace and bracelet from Phoenix Design
Jeans with Black Leather Belt from Abbie’s (Abbie Donovan)

Spennix acquires objects

Pictures of Spennix, for no really good reason!

My oldest WoW character and still my ‘main’, Spennix has been level 80 for quite awhile, and is now accumulating various of the hard-to-get things in the game. For instance, this cool motorcycle mount (which is -incredibly- expensive, like 50 times as much as mostly anything else in the game), and the special fishing hat she is wearing, that is a rare and random prize in the daily Dalaran fishing quests. (Not only does the hat look cool, but it contains an infinite number of special lures that improve your fishing.)

Spennix on her Mekgineer's Chopper

Next, she’s working on saving up for the materials to get the Mongoose enchant on her weapons. Also pricey, but nothing like the chopper!

You know they’re making things easier in WoW when Spennix, who has never been any good at PvP, has the 50,000 spare Honor Points required to buy a PvP mount:

Spennix on her new Black Battlestrider

But doesn’t it look neat? :)

(Click through to flickr for access to larger sizes of all of these pictures, suitable for framing.)

Oh, and in showing off some of Spennix’s gradual acquisitions, I shouldn’t forget the Crimson Felt Hat!

Spennix's Town Hat

This drops from one of the Stratholme bosses, and Spennix solo’d Strat a time or three while (rather belatedly) getting Exalted with the Argent Dawn in order to get the Argent Champion title.

This is now Spennix’s standard in-town hat. Completely inappropriate for her class combat-wise, but as everyone agrees, it is pimpin’! Which I gather is some modern slang for "elegant"…

(That enormous red thing on her left hand is the Hand of Nerub, which she personally sliced off of some icky boss in Naxxramas sometime back, and now uses as a weapon. Kinda gross, really. :) )

As well as the Mongoose enchant for her weapons, Spennix is also working on reputation with Netherwing (to get a cool riding dragon) and the Wymrest Accord (to get, um, a cool riding dragon) and the Kurenai (to get a cool riding ungulate).

Really, WoW is all about the vehicles… :)


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